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    Weak latch

    Hi there

    My 6 week old twin boy has a very weak latch, and pops on/off the breast several times. He also take 30-45 minutes to feed, if I'm able to let him go that long. I often default to a...
  2. Re: When can I cut back on pumping?

    Thanks Jessica.

    I don't have any plans to stop breastfeeding after a year, but I was thinking I'd like to try and stop pumping after a year. But then, I second guess that too!

    Thanks for your...
  3. Re: How often should a 8.5 month old nurse?

    Thanks for your replies and suggestions.

    I do offer before and after naps, and solids are given halfway between. She often doesn't want to nurse other than before her naps though.

    I guess...
  4. When can I cut back on pumping?

    My DD is 8.5 months old and I currently work 15-20 hours/week. I pump twice a day and usually get ~5 oz per session. She rarely drinks more than 6-8 oz while I'm gone, and sometimes it's as little...
  5. How often should a 8.5 month old nurse?

    DD has decreased her nursing sessions from 6-7 a month ago to 4-5 max. And, two of those aren't full sessions.

    This is okay, right? Par for the course?

    Her appetite for food has really...
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    Re: warming breastmilk

    What a great idea!:lol
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    Re: Medela PISA leaking air?

    This has happened to me before and has been one of two problems:

    1. The membrane isn't sitting flush with the valve or the valve isn't tight against the adapter.

    2. The tubing connections...
  8. Re: What first food did you start with?

    We started with sweet potato, followed by apple, banana, carrot, peas, green beans, prunes and pears. Next we will try avocado. :)

    We've done a mixture of baby led feeding and purees. She loves...
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    Is this a phase?

    DD has just cut her first 2 teeth and is going through a growth spurt (she's 6 months).

    She used to be a very "efficient" nurser, never nursing longer than 10 minutes at a time. She's recently...
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    Re: organic vs. homemade food

    I'm in the same boat. Some things (like organic sweet potato) I just can't find, so I've been using organic purees in those cases.
  11. Re: i feel like my suppy is dropping - how can i nourish my 7 month old?

    Has your period returned? I have found that I get a dip in supply 3-4 days before my flow starts. It always jumps back up though, peaking around ovulation.

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    Re: feeding schedule?

    We're struggling with a bit of the same thing....

    What I've been trying to do is offer her solids before her 1st nap, about 1 hour after getting up (so 1 hour after she's nursed) and then again...
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    Re: I'm in big trouble . . .

    Aw, big :hug to you. You're doing everything you can..that's all you can do.
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    Re: I'm in big trouble . . .

    I go through the exact same thing. Before AF returned, I could easily pump 6-8 oz per session. Right before AF returned for the first time, I could only get 1-2 oz. I panicked and started taking...
  15. Re: Have you had luck switching nipples on glass bottles?

    I use both the Dr. Brown and the Playtex silicone nipples on my Evenflo glass bottles. No problems whatsoever. :)
  16. Re: Question about milk that is high in lipase.

    Thanks for replying Caroline. :)

    I don't have a bottle warmer, but may consider getting one.

    For those that have done it on the stove, is it difficult to do? I'm quite paranoid about burning...
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    Re: medela pump makes airy noise

    Me too! This just happened to me tonight.
  18. Question about milk that is high in lipase.

    So, after reading through posts on this topic, I decided to test my frozen stash. My frozen milk has a strong metallic taste, and my 2-day old milk tastes a bit soapy. This is a sign of abundant...
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