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    Re: nursing break

    So the one thing I did to help my nipples when they got cracked and bleeding or even just starting to hurt I would take warm water put a little salt in it and soak my nipples in it. At first I...
  2. Re: increse in nursing decress in solids

    Thank you guys for calming my fears my little food monster is back and eating like no tomorrow just in time for the 4th.
  3. Re: increse in nursing decress in solids

    I am applying for the state medical but as most things go when it comes to government it can be slow and I am happy to know this is a normal thing. Its just so odd to see a kid who is all ways...
  4. increse in nursing decress in solids

    My son is almost 17 months old and up until this weekend he has been a big eater... Friday night out of the blue he puked all over and just went back to playing like nothing happened. So I figured he...
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    Re: boobs feeling engorged

    I had a huge over supply I could pump 9 oz from each breast with just 5 min of pumping after feeding him. It didn't take me long to get a good amount saved for the what ifs in life and than I found...
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    boobs feeling engorged

    My son is now 16 months and we still nurse on demand. I have noticed in the last month and half my breasts feeling engorged even leaking though out the day. At first I wrote it off because we had...
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    any other ideas

    My son is 13 months and we still bf on demand. We still do dream feeds as well. Well in the next month or 2 I plan on moving to NC to be with my husband. I am hoping before we get there he is able to...
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    Re: Endless energy baby :)

    My in all ways moving when we nurse. His night nursing he don't move as much but he still wiggles. He kicks the blankets off if he than starts to play with the other boob if I don't let him than he...
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    12 months

    So I made it. I made it longer than I thought I would. After failing to make it past 6 months with my DD and all the struggles her and I had. I truly feared failing with my son but we made it. I have...
  10. Re: normal or should i be worried

    Thanks I guess I just had a short panic attack. My mom is comparing how I nursed compared to how I was. I kind of panicked because I am so not ready for us to stop most of all since he is really...
  11. Re: Can't go on like this - I need to sleep!

    I am sorry your having such a hard time with lacking sleep. Aphimama is right just because you start solids or formula doesn't mean she will be up less. My son is 11 moths old and has 3 solid meals...
  12. normal or should i be worried

    Yesterday I was talking to my mom about nursing my son until he wishes to stop. She said she thinks it might be soon because he only cares to nurse 5 mins on each breast. I told her he has been doing...
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    Re: won't nurse in public....

    I am a 34 KK and I use my moby to nurse when out in public. At first it felt I was showing a lot but my friends and family all said I was stressing to much that you couldn't tell anything was going...
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    Re: return of menstruation

    the day I went in for my 6 week check after I had my son I was informed I was starting my period .... I breastfed on demand and what seemed all the time along with co-sleeping my body just did not...
  15. cant belive i made it 11 months

    My DS is 11 and we are still going strong. I am still excited about BF and spending that time with my DS. Even with adding 3 meals with the family he still demands to nurse about every 2 hours. We...
  16. Re: Tell me this is just a phase!

    As Mommal said she should pick up once the old is gone an she can breathe again. My husband is kind of the same way other than hes pushing formula. It can be hard when your frustrated with how your...
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    Re: Pumping quantity

    i meant to put that but son was helping me type... guess i didn't notice he took that part out
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    Re: Pumping quantity

    Ya I know I was lucky to have the supper over supply. I also put it to really good use and gave the extra milk to my best friend who gave up on BFing due to pressure of the dr and bf. She really...
  19. Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    Its nice to know that my son isn't a odd ball but I am happy him trying it out and learning for him self made him give up makes the time he spends with grandma more peaceful for the both of them not...
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    Re: Pumping quantity

    With my son I would end up pumping 8 to 10 oz per breast when I would but only gave my son 4 oz bottles. Most of the time he was happy with that if he seemed like he wasn't happy or wanted more he...
  21. Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    Its not that your abnormal just our views are different. Since he has gotten to find out for him self he has stopped trying to nurse grandma. They got to spend the morning just cuddling and playing...
  22. Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    It might be abnormal to you but seeing how trying wasn't going to cause any harm and my son hasn't given up in 11 months of everyday being told no over and over. We figured to let him try find out...
  23. Has or does yoru kid do this

    At times when my mom has watched my son for more than a hour he goes up to her and lifts her shirt to attempts to nurse. Well tonight after we ate dinner and he nursed he got down went up to my mom...
  24. Re: STTN and Formula fed vs BF babies

    Oh we don't talk about problems here he just feels the need to give advice hahahaha. It is hard since he wants to be here more than anything I know he misses kissing and cuddling our son as I would...
  25. Re: STTN and Formula fed vs BF babies

    I think our biggest problem when it comes to something like that is our time together. He was Missing the first part of our sons life due to being in the army so all communication was over the phone...
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