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  1. 2 week old fussing at breast in evening

    I am a mum of a 2 week old that starts to act funny in the evening. She nurses okay for a few moments and then starts sort of breathing heavy and sliding back on the nipple, and fidgeting with her...
  2. Re: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    I am still working on the book. It does seem like she falls into this category of just being small, active, and a grazer. We did start Prevacid and she has gained weight now. I can feel it in her...
  3. Re: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    No problem. Really! :) I am always over critical about their suggestions. I think *so* little is known (by them) about an older baby nursing, that if anything is going a little weird, nursing is...
  4. Re: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    It's the LLL one so it must be 2005. I am waiting for my toddler to fall asleep or I'd run and check the book.

    No, I don't. But she needs to learn to eat solids. It's important to the...
  5. Re: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    I checked it out from the library today! :D

    She *can* eat. I see raisins and various other things in her poop occasionally. And when she has eaten some yogurt, occasionally like 1/8 cup, her...
  6. Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    Hi, my 17 month old is still not really eating solids. She is being seen once a month by a speech therapist for feeding therapy and is at the bottom of the weight chart and has had low hemoglobin in...
  7. Re: 15 month old baby/low supply?

    I am not sure it is. I am just desperate for her to get back on the chart and get back to gaining at even her slow little pace. And she won't eat food, so nursing is the only way I have to do it. ...
  8. Re: Older baby not eating food and fell off weight chart

    I have tried several different things. She has a big sister, so we're never alone for long. But I have tried that too, thinking maybe her sister was too fun and distracting her. I don't do any...
  9. 15 month old baby/low supply?

    I *think* my supply might be low. Actually, if my baby would ever nurse from both breasts, maybe she would be getting more milk and be gaining weight better, but I used to have oversupply, so she's...
  10. Older baby not eating food and fell off weight chart

    LO is 15 months old and is 18 lbs, 5 oz. She barely picks at food. Like she might eat 2 beans at one sitting, and maybe 2 puffs at another sitting, maybe a saltine cracker later. Her hemoglobin got...
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    Re: Iron supplement and vomiting

    I need some ideas. She won't let me spoonfeed her anything and she barely eats any food, only tiny bites of scrambled eggs sometimes, and recently, she's finally eating baby junkfood, i.e., earth's...
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    Iron supplement and vomiting

    Sometimes, my LO vomits after I give her the supplement. But I am wondering if it's how I'm doing it and when. I always give it at bedtime and then I nurse her to sleep. And then sometimes, she...
  13. Re: 12 month old still not eating any measurable amount of f

    She poops all the time, and her pedi didn't say anything about her weight gain from 9 mos to 12 mos. But now she's got low hemoglobin. :( How cool you got to work with THE Jack Newman!! :D
  14. Re: HELP 10 Month old is refusing to nurse

    How often does he nurse at night? I'm afraid the bottles might make it worse. There is a Medela Calma bottle and nipple system that makes them drink from the bottle more like they nurse. He could...
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    12 months tomorrow!!

    My LO turns one tomorrow!! We made it!!

    She began refusing at 10 weeks old and for about 3 months, would only latch in her sleep. While awake, she would actually cry and arch her back at the...
  16. Re: 12 month old still not eating any measurable amount of f

    Yes, I put food on her tray and she plays with it and tastes it and slobbers on it, but as for actually eating it, not so much. She won't let me spoonfeed her, so I only try that every once in a...
  17. 12 month old still not eating any measurable amount of food

    I am one of those follow the baby's cues moms. I don't wean. They wean. We co-sleep. I mother my children with nursing, etc., etc.

    That being said, my 12 month old won't eat anything!! Except...
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    Need to fix a bad habit

    My baby had a 7 month long nursing aversion. She's a million times better, but I have allowed her to develop some bad habits in effort to get her back to the breast. She's 9.5 months old. She...
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    Re: very painful bump

    I had one that came on during pregnancy. I worked on mine after a hot shower. I didn't use a needle. It took some time and some breaks and some labor breathing :D but I worked it out.
  20. Re: Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    Well after being sick and getting all those teeth, she's down to 5%. Two months ago she was at 28%. :( But the pedi said she expects her to get back up soon now that she's well. And her iron is...
  21. Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    I have been told it's very unlikely for a baby to get strep throat. Well, my 9 month old got it. I thought we were for sure doomed if she had a sore throat again, but I've actually seen an increase...
  22. Re: 9 month old suddenly spitting up/vomiting

    Commercial baby food is what she has started vomiting after. Bananas, squash, apples, mangoes. I was going to make her food like I did DD1 and I did at 1st but when she would never open up, I...
  23. 9 month old suddenly spitting up/vomiting

    My LO is eating a tiny amount of pureed baby food. I can't tell if it has anything to do with the baby food, but 3 out of the 4 times she has spitup/vomited, it has been after having some babyfood....
  24. Re: My 8.5 month not gaining weight

    Yes, but half of those are in her sleep at night. I'm starting to think she has an oral aversion because she won't even open up her mouth for a spoon. She tightens up her lips.
  25. Re: When should I start weaning my LO?

    Can you tell us why you think your supply is lowering?
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