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    Re: i really want to wean

    I can relate to the feeling of wanting to be over with it already... but then secretly I cherish the moments. My LO just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and I talked up weaning around the age your LO...
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    Weaning necklace

    I read this on Kellymom.com Has anyone tried it with there LO?

    I don't know if this would work with a 2 year old, we made a weaning necklace...(m)

    when my DD was 4 and she was still nursing to...
  3. trying to encourage weaning/having potty accidents

    Ok my daughter will be 2 next Sat and was just about potty trained until recently when I started to encourage weaning she has lost some interest going on the potty. I started putting her on the...
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    Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    I say also make sure you get comfortable nursing with a sling that will be your best friend! When my baby was a newborn, I would push the empty stroller and be nursing my colicky baby in the sling...
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    Hot chili pepper oil on nipples

    Ok, now my daughter says she wants "hot nan nies" ... I having been talking up weaning my daughter for her 2cd birthday that is coming up in a few weeks. I explained to her that she was getting to be...
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    Re: nightweaning and co-sleeping

    I believe that it is all up to each individual childs needs but that it is also a learned response. When I added a mattress next to my bed it slowed down the nursing at night and she started sleeping...
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    I don't have a husband and sleep has always been an issue with my LO but I found that after co sleeping for over a year with my daughter that adding an extra matteress next to the bed made life so...
  8. Temas: Catch 22

    by sagemom

    Catch 22

    How do you inspire your LO to nurse only at bedtimes? This issue keeps coming up and it makes me want to wean her. I am tired of nursing all the time and she challenges me on this often. Also it is...
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    weaning is going to mean random naps!

    Not sure about how to go about weaning my daughter that is turning 2 in a month and a half. I think that she will never wean on her own she is too attached to it. She does not have a binky or a...
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    Re: craniosacrel therapy

    My almost 2 year old has been going regularly since she was 3 months. I use to be a Chiropractic Assistant and felt that this method of gentle touch would be best but I may start Chiropractic since I...
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    Re: Staying latched ALL night!

    My daughter always does this when something is going on, teeth ect; I found putting pressure on the chin while pulling the nipple out fakes her out so I can get my nipple out without waking her. Give...
  12. It never crossed my mind that my breastfeeding would have such family input

    I live out of State from the rest of my family and over the past few months I had some family come visit. I am single and don't have to deal with MIL or the whole extended family in my business much....
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    Re: Night weaning

    Good luck Mama. You are not the only one it is very hard to have a comfort nursing baby. I can totally relate. Nap time is still an issue for us and she is now 17 months. @ 15 month we started night...
  14. tired of the toddler behavior with nursing

    I don't know how to get my LO to calm down. I have started to night wean, but I know this was an issue before that.

    She is just super clingy and can be rather rough with hitting and biting me...
  15. Re: night weaning is aggrivating my insomnia

    We will see... 'What is going to happen next!! I am a single Mom and co-sleep. A couple of months ago I added a futon to the side of my bed which help dramatically in the night waking instead of...
  16. night weaning is aggrivating my insomnia

    OK, just hoping this will get better soon. I have been trying to night wean for over a month and my LO(16 month old) continues to wake her regular sleep cycles which makes it difficult to get her...
  17. Re: Night weaning: tired Mom in need of advice!

    I am also night weaning and the one thing that has helped get thru is letting her suck a little then unlatch before we fall back to sleep. then gradually fade that piece away. It may prolong the...
  18. told i was being manipulated by a friend today!

    Okay, I admit I am a human pacifier for my 15 month old. She is a terrible sleeper and I do just about anything for her to get rest. I started trying to night wean the past 2 nights and I am am happy...
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    childrens books/nursing and babywearing

    I know they sell a couple of books with nursing and babywearing attachement parenting books for kids. Any recommendations on what to get? I didn't see any at the book store I would need to order...
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    Re: When can a baby eat cherries?

    FROZEN CHERRIES AND FROZEN BLUEBERRIES! My LO loves them and helped with teething. Check your frozen fruit section in the Grocery Story. They have been a hit here since about 7 months old! I have...
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    Re: Yogurt Brand?

    I personally enjoy eating Fage Greek yogurt. We use it for so many things including on baked potatoes...yummy!
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    Re: Being Home=clingy and constant nursing

    Well she was in a sling alot up until recently when I got the ergo. But I don't use the ergo in the house like I did the sling. She is getting too heavy to be carrying her and she should be busy...
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    Being Home=clingy and constant nursing

    Ok, I can't be home with my 14 month old toddler without her wanting to nurse constantly. She wants to nurse all night as well. She is a terrible sleeper in general and always has been. She now has...
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    Cramping and haven't gotten my period

    I have a 14 month old and still nursing. I just wondered how long before you got your period and did it come back with avengence? I have had a crampy stomache for 2 weeks and not sure if it my cycle...
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    Re: Any Advice from Former "Pacifiers"?

    I am also a human pacifier but I did find 1 technique to escape. After 8 minutes of sleeping put pressure on the babies chin and try to slowly pull the nipple out by laying on your back to be more...
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