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  1. Re: Mamas of healthy yet slow-to-gain LOs...

    I have the double whammy of having 2 small kiddos....very short as well as low on the weight chart. DS is 2.5, a little more, and he's 27 lbs (which has increased some from where he was), and not...
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    Re: What bottles/nipples do you use?

    DD likes Sassy MAM slow flow...but level 1 of whatever your LO likes is fine.
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    Re: Two month old not gaining

    Sounds very much like my DD (now just turned 4 mo). Slow gainer at the low end (4 oz per week). She is not even close to doubling her birth weight. She MIGHT get there by 6 months. Also smiley,...
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    Re: Breast to Bottle or Sippy Cup

    I'm right there with you! My DD, 4 months, actually DID take a bottle OK when younger, though since I am off work for the summer as a teacher, I don't really need to pump to give her bottles or to...
  5. Re: 6 months and 13 Lbs anyone else have a small baby?

    My DS was the same, now 27 lb but short at 2.5 yrs. DD is only 11 lb at 4 months....both were slow gainers. We are shorter...me 5 ft and hubby
    5'6" ...both my kids are healthy, bright, active,...
  6. Re: Minimal to no weight gain over 2+ months

    Ignore that FTT threat...wouldn't your DD be less active and sickly acting? It sounds like she is doing great with her milestones!
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    Re: Slow Weight Gain

    My LO is a slow gainer too (birth weight 7 lb 4 oz, low weight 6 lb 11 oz to between 10 and 11 lbs at 16 weeks). She doesn't always drain my breasts well and and one sided or block feeding to try to...
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    Re: Low weight gain... again

    I'm with you on the low weight gain front. I haven't had any thrush or other issues like that, and I haven't been supplementing. I am a little worried about DD's 4 month appt. I haven't been...
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    Re: Clock watching...

    My DD (3.5 months) is similar to yours - if I feed too frequently or try to feed her longer if I don't think she ate enough, she will spit up. I know it's not a supply issue, but nevertheless, she...
  10. Re: Clock Issues/Re-Learning How to BF on Demand

    I was the same w/DS - and didn't realize pedi was uneducated and ambivalent about BF, so I was told to supplement (huge weight gain - was overfeeding). Then told I could stop, was gaining too...
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    Re: still a slow grower - frustrated

    Thanks everyone - yingying, what you are going through is EXACTLY how my DD has been pretty much since birth. It's frustrating...after a few times of DD popping off, I try to burp her and latch her...
  12. Re: How do you know if a duct is unplugged?

    I just had this issue...it seemed like it wouldn't free, but after 3-4 days of frequent massage, nursing like always, it seems to be better...good lluck! Other mamas might have more soon!
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    still a slow grower - frustrated

    DD is 3 and 1/2 months. I get more worried each time I hear the comment "she's so TEENY!" and see other babies of comparable age (BF and/or FF) who are much bigger. Her wets are sufficient - 6-8...
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    Re: 2 or 3 pumping breaks during work?

    Thanks, ladies. I will feel it out. I always pumped too much for DS in hopes that he would drink it all (about 10-12 oz) a day, but he wasn't a fan of the bottle when he went to daycare for the...
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    2 or 3 pumping breaks during work?

    I teach middle school and have 2 preparation periods and a lunch. Because I travel between buildings, I am not required to do the end of the day supervision hour. Each period is 45 minutes long. ...
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    Re: 6wk growth spurt

    Do you co-sleep? Maybe it would make that night shift less exhausting! It sounds like a growth spurt to me!
  17. Re: is 5 weeks too young to have no BM in 24 hours?

    LOL - no...I KNOW that's an issue!
  18. Re: is 5 weeks too young to have no BM in 24 hours?

    She always seems a bit uncomfortable when she goes a longer stretch between BMs - maybe feels "full" :shrug ? But her poop is normal BF baby poop, so it doesn't seem like she's constipated. But...
  19. is 5 weeks too young to have no BM in 24 hours?

    I try not to be a worrywart, but it's hard :o. Even though, she is my 2nd, DD is so different from DS that every little difference throws me off. Yesterday my DD had 4 or 5 decent BMs (one leaked...
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    Re: Need some reassurance

    I could have written your post. As long as diaper output and weight gain seems fine, I guess your LO is just efficient and a good sleeper for now. enjoy!
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    Re: not getting a full feeding?

    My guy was the same way at 4 months - distractible and fussy at the breast. He was also a more efficient eater, so that could be something to consider...your LO may be a faster eater now? Does she...
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    Re: Getting started problems

    Maybe she can pump only AFTER putting the baby to the breast. Baby needs practice nursing...and the baby is better than the pump at getting the milk to come in.

    Try this link...
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    Re: Is this normal?

    My DS gained quickly the first few weeks and then slowed waaayy down (he's on the bottom of the charts). It's pretty normal. It will even out, but in the beginning it seems like we are nursing all...
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    Re: 8 wk old having trouble

    It could be several things. The gulping/gassiness could be from a fast letdown. Maybe you could unlatch him for a bit and spray the excess milk into a cloth until it slows a bit and then put him...
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    Re: Weaned, but that look....

    [QUOTE=@llli*sentimental.geek;921014]:hug My 21 month (in 2 days) old weaned at 17 months too. She's still very into mommy's "boodies" and likes to hold them or sometimes give them kisses. :o I...
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