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    Re: Let The Distractions Begin!

    same with my 4 month old. I found that if I give him a change of scene like moving to a different room then his attention span for nursing is better.
  2. Re: breastfeeding and work....how does this work???

    I returned to work 6 weeks ago so I can share how it's been working out with me. My son, now 4 months, is in daycare 9 hours a day. I went with the rule to provide 1.5 oz per hour away. It was not...
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    Re: Gripe water or gas drops

    I've tried both and saw no difference from using the drops. I returned them. I would bicycle my little guy's legs to help. He seems to enjoy that more than massages.
  4. Re: Anyone Pump at work past the 12 month mark?

    Kellymom has a great article, interviewing the ladies of the Time magazine photos. It was posted on 5/24 in the blogs. You may find some useful info in the way these moms responded to Kelly mom...
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    Re: how to build up a stock ?

    I started a supply by nursing on one side while pumping on the other during the first feeding of the day. I would get 1 to 2oz per day. I stored in Lansinoh bags (i have had no issue with the bags)...
  6. Re: Not pumping enough to meet baby's demand

    I am away almost 9 hours a day. We wake up at 6 and feed until 7 while I pump on 1 side. then I pump at work around 930, 1230 and 3. I use a lansinoh pump st home and a first years at work. With...
  7. Not pumping enough to meet baby's demand

    Hi, I can use some advice. I returned to work this week. My son who is nearly 3 months old started daycare. Because he is breastfed I estimated that he would need about 3 to 3.5 ounces per feeding...
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    pumping and driving?

    I have seen a couple posts where advice has been given to pump while driving. How is this done? isn't it a huge distraction, maybe even worse than texting? just curious how this has worked for...
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    Re: Weight loss while breastfeeding

    Walk! I started light walking one week after delivery. I started out at 10 minutes that first week. The next week I increased to 15 minutes, then to 20 min, etc. At my 6 week appointment, I got the...
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    Re: 2 week old Dozes off while Feeding

    Congrats! I went through something similar when my son was born in January. When we brought him home, he had a few wet diapers but no poopy ones for 5 days. We had to go back to the doctor 4 times...
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    Oatmeal - does type matter?

    To increase supply, oatmeal has been recommended. Does it matter if its Quaker Oats, instant oatmeal or steel cut oats? Does the type of oatmeal have an impact?
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    Re: Help!!! When am I supposed to pump?

    Is it ok to pump before nursing? I've read that pumping is recommended after nursing. Will there still be sufficient supply to nurse the baby after pumping?
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