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  1. 21-month old daughter won't eat breakfast

    She wakes up and immediately wants mum-mum, which is just fine with me, because she never wakes up in a good mood and mum-mum always puts her in a good mood! However, she never ever eats breakfast. ...
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    Re: Weaning himself?

    What you have described sounds very normal for a baby your son's age. Sometimes, especially when baby starts learning more and more about the world around him, he will become easily distracted. ...
  3. My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

    I stopped taking the prenatals not long after DD was born 15 months ago. Over the past few months, I've noticed that my hair is falling out horribly. Not just a hair here or there. Lots of hair. ...
  4. Nursing and separation anxiety...weaning is not the answer!

    My DD is 15 months old, and we're still breastfeeding! :clap She shows no signs of letting loose, so we're going to keep on keepin' on! However, I have been faced with a little bit of negativity by...
  5. Re: DD throwing up all day...could it be due to formula or soy milk?

    Thank you for the responses, mamas!

    As it turned out, DD was just battling a tummy problem. We had to take her to the doctor on Saturday morning, because the vomiting hadn't lessened, and the...
  6. DD throwing up all day...could it be due to formula or soy milk?

    I had to break down and give DD a bottle of formula yesterday, because I had zero breastmilk pumped, and she doesn't seem to care for whole milk yet. I've been giving her a little soy milk each...
  7. Why is she still waking up so much during the night?

    DD is almost 13 months old. She wakes up about 4-5 times per night, nursing for just a minute or two before drifting off back to sleep. If she were actually hungry, I'd assume that she would nurse...
  8. Re: Combining breastfeeding & solid-feeding...

    It doesn't appear that my 11.5 month old DD has developed any sort of schedule on her own. She wakes at different times each morning, sometimes has a morning nap, sometimes an afternoon nap,...
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    Flying and milk storage...

    We're going on vacation in a few weeks. We will be going through 3 layovers, in the air for the majority of the day. Flying from 6 a.m. until about 6 p.m. or so. I need to take EBM with me. How...
  10. Combining breastfeeding & solid-feeding...

    How do you combine the two? My DD is just about a year old (will be on 9/13) and she has yet to develop any sort of "schedule" for when she eats. I've always fed on-demand, and waited to see if she...
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    Re: Okay, we have a teeth problem...

    I do switch sides, but I've noticed that I'm nursing more on my left than my right because (for some reason) she doesn't hurt my left as much as my right. I am going to break out the Lansinoh...
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    Okay, we have a teeth problem...

    and if I'm going to continue to nurse DD, I'd better figure out how to overcome the pain! I want to partially wean DD at a year, just nursing at bedtime, during the night, and first thing in the...
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    Thought I wanted to wean, but...

    now I'm not sure. DD is almost one year old. Originally, like many mamas, I intended to breastfeed for one year and then wean. Then, several months into it, I decided to do baby-led weaning, or...
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    Motherlove's More Milk Plus

    I'd like to see more reviews from mamas here on the forum. A couple of mamas have recommended it to me for increasing my supply for pumping purposes, but I want to stress that I don't actually have...
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    Re: Increasing Milk Supply

    I'm thinking about getting More Milk Plus capsules....do you HAVE to take it 4 times per day, or can some get by with just a couple of times a day with the results they need? I don't have a low...
  16. Re: Would like to increase milk in order to build stash

    :hug Thank you! I'll have to start this plan tomorrow. Mid-mornings are going to be the best for my DD too!
  17. Would like to increase milk in order to build stash

    I used to have an oversupply, but it has gone away and left behind an OALD, which I've had pretty much since the birth of DD in 9/07. I would REALLY like to increase my milk production so that I can...
  18. Re: She wants more! Do I give it to her?!

    Just wanted to update...I gave her one more frozen apple slice, and she devoured it again. Cried for more, but I didn't give her more. I think she liked how it felt on her gums. I didn't have any...
  19. Re: She wants more! Do I give it to her?!

    I found the Munchkin one at Walmart, but I've seen them elsewhere. I hear the Sassy one is good because you can remove the net for cleaning. With the Munchkins, you can't...but we have a dishwasher...
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    Re: Munchkin mesh feeder

    Okay I've seen the ice cube trays for bottles. I gotcha.
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    Re: Munchkin mesh feeder

    Yep, others have mentioned the "momsicles"! How do you freeze a "wedge" of bm, though? Can't use an ice cube tray because they're square, and the nets are long and slender. :scratch
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    Re: Munchkin mesh feeder

    Okay so maybe instead of getting a second Munchkin feeder, I'll get the Sassy kind. Though, I'm really not having a difficult time cleaning the Munchkin. I use the dishwasher and I put it a wire...
  23. Re: She wants more! Do I give it to her?!

    I think we're in the throws of teething right now. She's chewing the heck out of it and just drooling all over the place. I've tried giving her those plastic-type, water-filled teethers but she...
  24. She wants more! Do I give it to her?!

    Okay I could have posted this on the Munchkin mesh feeder thread I started, but I thought it would be more "visible" if I start a new one.

    I just gave DD a frozen slice of apple in the feeder just...
  25. Re: Husband and I not seeing eye to eye...

    I guess I have a similar problem in that DD doesn't nurse much during the day, but she eats every two hours (sometimes more frequently) during the night. It's been suggested to me here to feed her...
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