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  1. Re: Anyone give vitamins to their baby? Trivisol? Polyvisol?

    I haven't given drops to any of my boys. I am confident with LLL's opinion that breastmilk is a complete food for babies, and if babies were meant to have more Vitamin D, it would be in the...
  2. Re: Spits up with breastmilk, but not formula...??

    I have 3 boys, and all of them have been total pukers! LOL.

    When my first son was born, he was early, weighed less than 6 pounds, and spit up constantly throughout the day. I, of course,...
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    Re: Quit use of breast shield?

    My friend is nursing her 4-month old with a nipple shield. She has tried a couple of times to wean her off with no luck. But she is determined to breastfeed no matter what, so she'll use the breast...
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    Re: Baby-led solid food introduction

    LOL, that would make me a tri-andem nurser! Maybe one day.... ;)
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    Re: help i think dd is having diarrhea!

    I'm confused. Isn't an exclusively-breastfed 3month old supposed to have watery stools? Mine's 4 months and nothing solid comes out of him. LOL.

    Also, I don't think water or pedialite are...
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    Re: Breastfeeding past the age of two.

    My son is almost 3 and a dedicated nurser. I don't see him self-weaning anytime soon, so if he wants to nurse until he is 4 or 5, then I am perfectly comfortable with that. :)
  7. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    I was a little nervous about DS talking about it when he was 14 + months. The reason being, that our word for breastfeeding is "teter" (pronounced teh-tay) which is french for nursing. Except one...
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    Re: 2 years still waking alot

    My toddler is almost 3 and just now starting to sleep through the night without waking. I also recommend the No-Cry Sleep Solution. We used it a while ago when weaning him from his ight nursings. ...
  9. Re: DS having tounge surgery/fear he will want to wean afterwards...

    My two older boys are both tongue-tied, the second more severely, but luckliy, it never interfered with speech or latching, so I never had them clipped.

    Glad your little guy is doing well!:)
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    Re: Working mom BF success stories needed

    When my first son was 7 months old, I had to return to work full-time. I had a bunch of positives working for me.

    One, my mom was taking cae of him and drove him to my place of work 3 days per...
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    Baby-led solid food introduction

    Sorry if this topic has already been posted, but I was very excited to find this link.

    I am thinking about trying it. :)
  12. Re: What limits do you set on it, if any?

    I am starting to set limits with my son who is nearly 3. Since the baby was born, I find that my toddler's latch is very uncomfortable, so I have tried to cut him back to about 4-5 times per day. ...
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