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    Re: Mastitis, healing fissures

    Your description sounds like yeast though it may not be overtly obvious on a visual level. I would suggest trying Jack Newman's all purpose nipple ointment:...
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    Re: Nursing pillow for petite mom?

    I second the My Breast Friend pillow. I loved mine, especially the fact the the pillow is flat on the top so baby is not rolling towards you while nursing. I even carted mine around with me until DS...
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    Re: Breastfeeding After Tongue Tie

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Both my 2 babies had a TT. With DS, his was corrected at 9 days but not before I had cracked nipples and mastitis. His latch continued to be shallow and...
  4. Re: Thrush--how long to continue prevention methods?

    Something else you can try that one of the OBs I saw suggested is to rinse your nipples with vinegar solution (1 part water, 1 part white vinegar, I think) after each feeding. Since you're treating...
  5. Re: How to adjust to baby sleeping longer at night

    Agree with PPs. Don't wake yourself to pump! Enjoy the sleep (you'll need it). Also, as babies get older, they become more effective at nursing. So, while he may not nurse as frequently at night,...
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    Re: Blocked duct questions

    Agree with PP about suggestions. I had lots of plugs when I was bfing. Try keeping a heat pack (not too hot) on the breast all the time. Heat will do a lot to help with a plug. You might also try...
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    Re: Mastitis without a clogged duct?

    I had something similar the past few months--I went back to work full time in late Aug, and was nursing less; DS was 14.5 months and only attached to night nursing. With nursing less, every few...
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    Re: Sore breast

    Bummer, I just posted again a few minutes ago....mine seems to be some kind of inflammation with the ducts or maybe a blocked duct buried deep inside the breast. Not happy about it whatever it is. ...
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    Ugh...painful breast again

    I seem to keep getting mastitis in one breast (have had it twice in the past few months). Again today I woke to a very full feeling breast, almost painful (skipped a nursing yesterday and LO, 15...
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    Re: Plugged ducts again...painful

    Turns out it wasn't a plugged duct; breast was not full or hard to the touch, was still soft/floppy, but was very painful on the side with redness that started to spread. Talked to my Dr; we both...
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    Re: Plugged ducts again...painful

    Bummer...still hurting and now the red streaks are appearing over the whole side of the breast. Boo. Last time this happened I had an infected milk duct that became an abscess that required...
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    Plugged ducts again...painful

    Last night I woke up at 2 am with a very painful breast (left). A small area on the side of the breast is very painful, but not red, and the area is not hard as I've experienced with previous...
  13. Re: Need some sleep - - how would benedryl affect supply?

    Agree with above advice--get out and expose yourself to sunshine and exercise. Taking your LO on a walk or to the park will help with this. If she's anything like mine, she will keep you busy and...
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    Re: Sore nipples!!

    Could be a sign of ovulation. My nipples hurt during this time--feels almost like they're bruised. Lasts for a few days. Ugh...experiencing it right now.
  15. Re: Need some sleep - - how would benedryl affect supply?

    Hi, mama. First of all, I am NOT a doctor; this is just my own personal experience, so you may want to check with your health care provider before starting any kind of routine use of a medicine.
  16. Going back to work and continuing to breastfeed

    Hi, mamas, looking for some advice here. I'll be returning to work full time in about 3 weeks. My LO is 13.5 months and nurses 4x/day: for AM nap, PM nap, at bedtime, then somewhere between 4-6 am....
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    Re: It's Official.....

    Congrats! What an accomplishment :).
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    Re: Made it to 1 year!

    Big congrats! We hit this milestone last month and it is an awesome feeling. You should feel proud :)!
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    Re: Leaking

    I don't leak, so can't speak much to that, but I think the Lily Pads are silicone pads that stick to the nipple and thus prevent leaking, kinda like a Band-Aid. Based on your other posts about...
  20. Re: How many times a day do you nurse your toddler?

    My LO is 13 months. I stay at home with him now, so we nurse for AM nap, PM nap, at bedtime, and once overnight, for a total of 4x/day. I will be returning to work full time in about a month, so I...
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    Re: Happy Birthday to baby!

    Congrats, and happy birthday baby! You should feel very proud of yourself for all that you have worked for :).
  22. Re: Help, I'm considering weaning at 12 months but don't wan

    Hi satin.mama--Agree with PP who says we aren't supposed to give medical advice. I can, though, tell you what my personal experience has been with mastitis.

    What my Dr had me take when I had...
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    Re: 1 year old today!

    Congrats! We made this milestone last month, and it's such a good feeling! Good luck on the pump weaning. I've been mostly pump-free for about a month, and it's awesome :).
  24. Re: Help, I'm considering weaning at 12 months but don't wan

    If you are getting mastitis so frequently, I wonder if you have some kind of bacteria that is not quite clearing out each month? Can you visit your doc and have a breastmilk culture done (next time...
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    Re: Complicated situation - please help!

    When my DS is constipated, I give him a little bit of prune juice with his breakfast, about 1-2 oz. My pediatrician highly recommended it and said that one of her kids needed it almost daily to...
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