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  1. Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate safe?

    Can anyone tell me if Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate 300mg/30mg is safe? I was in a car accident and my Dr. gave me this for pain and said it is safe for use while nursing. He prescribed 2...
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    Refusing bottles at Daycare

    My LO is 5 months and has been doing fine in daycare for 2 months now. Last week she started refucing bottles at daycare but will take a bottle if I go down to feed her. I generally go down once a...
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    Re: Thrush - 4.5 months of it!!

    I went into my OB today and took LO with me. My OB said she does not have thrush and checked my breast out. She said Ieverything looks fine and it is called pearling on the roof of her mouth - like...
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    Thrush - 4.5 months of it!!

    I took my Lo in to the doctor today b/c DCP said she has an ear infection. :( Sure enough - she does. While I was there the doctor told me she has Thrush. I had asked about some white marks in her...
  5. Re: Help! Frequent (1 hrly) but short feedings

    I agree with PP. My LO eats her fingers too and her toes when she finds them. :p If I offer the breast she will eat every 45 minutes. Yes, we tried it one day for fun. Her belly was so huge that...
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    Nursing & eating strike?

    My LO is on a nursing and eating strike today. She has not been feeling well for the past 2 days. I took her in today for a check up and she is just congested from the cold weather and dry heat in...
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    Husband wasting breast milk

    My DH keeps heating a large bottle of breast milk (8oz) when my LO will only drink 2-3oz! The rest gets wasted! What can I do (other than strangle my husband)? I have asked him not to Many times...
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    pumping at work

    If my LO eats about 3 - 4oz bottles (12 oz total) while she is in day care so I clearly will need to pump 12 oz for her to eat daily. Do I need to pump three times a day since she eats 3 times a day...
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    dry bottles before pumping into them?

    Do I need to dry the bottles before I use them to pump into?

    After each use I wash and sterilize them in a microwave steam sterilizer and then put them in a large plastic bin with a lid to drip...
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    Re: Dry contacts when I Nurse?

    I drink tons of water - about 2 gal a day. I just found some new eye drops that feel like oil but they work pretty good so I will see if they help. I will also try running a humidifier and see if...
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    Dry contacts when I Nurse?

    This sounds odd but every time I nurse or pump my eyes become very dry and I wear contacts so it is quite bothersome. Does this happen to anyone else? What causes it and what can I do to fix it?
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    Re: HELP - baby went under in bath tub

    Thanks for your replies. She did not hit her head thank goodness or we would be in the ER with her nursing and me crying. Now that I have calmed down I guess it scared me more than her and I wonder...
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    HELP - baby went under in bath tub

    My LO is 3 months and 1 week old and she just kicked and thrashed in the tub and her head went under completely! She got a mouth full of water but cchoked it out (or down) as soon as I pulled her...
  14. HELP - no milk, LO rubbing breast with face & I'm going crazy!

    I am sorry this is long but I really need your help!:cry :(

    I believe my milk production has taken a dive in the last week. My breast do not feel as full and my LO (2.5 months) is more fussy at...
  15. Re: Milk from each breast is a different color??

    I have tried lots of carrots and Yes the milk was slightly orange. I know someone who fed their baby lots of carrots when it first started eating solids and the baby turned orange-ish!! (it went...
  16. Re: Milk from each breast is a different color??

    After drinking too much Blue Gatoraid for too many days in a row I now have Blue tinted milk!! It is too Funny! :p :D :)

    I looked at it under a microscope and the only difference I can see is...
  17. Re: baby likes to nurse better when I'm engorged

    Quick update...I met with an IBCLC and she helped us with the latch. I was letting her nurse with too small of a mouth opening (I was just happy she wa on there). She is doing better now but still...
  18. Re: can't pump at work - will I loose my milk?

    Thanks everyone. I will try your suggestions. The pumping while driving sounds like a great idea. I guess it would work but the first thought that came to mind was what if you are in an accident...
  19. Re: can't pump at work - will I loose my milk?

    I have started a stash but it seems like she nurses out everything I make. I have been freezing about 4 ounces a day and I now have 31 - 4oz bags. How much do I need in my freezer stash when I...
  20. can't pump at work - will I loose my milk?

    I return to work in Jan and I work in an infectious disease research lab which requires me to decontaminate scrub in and out (about a min of 30 min process each way). If I leave the lab to pump I...
  21. Re: baby likes to nurse better when I'm engorged

    I have tried the C hold and it works a little bit but she really does not nurse as well as when I am slightly engorged. I have tried to increase pumping to make more milk (to stay fuller) but it is...
  22. Re: Milk from each breast is a different color??

    My DD is 2 months old and EBF!
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    Re: Blood in milk

    Hello. I am so sorry this happened to you too. I fell asleep and pumped for 4 hours on one side - Ouch!! :yikes :eek: I was told you can use milk with a little blood in it w/o any problems and I...
  24. Milk from each breast is a different color??

    The milk from my left breast is white like 2% cows milk but the milk from the right breast is tinted with a chalky yellow color. Both smell and taste the same as far as I can tell. Should I be...
  25. baby likes to nurse better when I'm engorged

    My LO is 8 weeks and nurses much better when I am slightly engorged. She latches perfect if my breast are slightly hard (like 1 hour before my breast would become hard as rocks). The problem is...
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