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    Is this weaning?

    My LO is almost 15 months. Up to now, she has been nursing 8x a day on average. Over the last week, she has not been wanting to nurse as much. When we lay down in "our spot", she rolls off and...
  2. Re: 15month getting frustrated low milk and slow to come

    Try starting with the book, toy, etc. and lying down next to her. Once she is interested in the book, just sneak in the breast while continuing to read. That's my tactic with the iPad and my DD...
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    Re: HELP! 12 month old biting!

    My LO did the same thing when her tops and bottoms were coming in. She wouldn't nurse because of the pain and began biting every so often. We used Tylenol which really helped. It lasted a week or...
  4. Re: 15month getting frustrated low milk and slow to come

    I have had luck when my little one is distracted by side lying and letting her watch a video on my phone or iPad. She is held captive by the video and nurses along with it. I'm sure this approach...
  5. Re: 3-month-old hardly nurses in public, dislikes baby carri

    I had the exact same issues with my DD, who will be 1 year next week. We stuck it out by going to the dark, quiet room when we got home just like you are doing, as she wouldn't nurse with the...
  6. Re: what does toddler feeding really look like?

    Thanks Mommal. Definitely NOT ready to wean. Nursed my first until she was 2 and I got pregnant with our 11 month old, but she was so different! I don't want it to end and am hoping that I can...
  7. what does toddler feeding really look like?

    my DD is 11 months old. Up to last week, she was nursing 8-10x a day, mostly one side, in our quie,t dark bedroom,usually 2-5 minutes at a feed with a let down each time. Then all hell broke...
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    Re: Is this her weaning??? Help!

    Thanks for the responses. Yes, we had the ears checked and all is well...so far. Still runny and stuffy and now going on another day without any daytime nursing. This is heartbreaking to me! We...
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    Is this her weaning??? Help!

    We are on Day 5 of nursing strike in our 11 month old, who up to this point has been exclusively breastfed 8-10x/day and never has taken a bottle or a cup. She has had a cold and is congested most...
  10. Re: Help! Day 3 of horrible cold and nursing strike!

    Thanks Lyn. I needed to hear that. :happytears I'm starting to get scared she might wean after this. Today she ate a ton of juicy fruit, milky oatmeal and drank some from the sippy cup. She seems...
  11. Help! Day 3 of horrible cold and nursing strike!

    We've tried everything, and I mean everything to unplug this little nose. We are on day 3 of refusing to nurse, except an occasional dream feed at night which isn't much. (maybe an ear infection. ...
  12. Re: Help! 10 month old with bad cold and congestion!

    thanks for the BM suggestions. She seems more "congested" then full of mucous. Will the BM work to shrink the mucous membranes too? Anyone with suggestions on how often I should pump with her...
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    Re: Baby refusing to nurse all of a sudden

    sounds like teething to me. My 11 month old was doing the same thing last week. Now that the tooth is popped through, she is right back at it. Keep offering and don't get discouraged. You're...
  14. Help! 10 month old with bad cold and congestion!

    My 10 month old has a terrible cold with completely blocked/stuffed nose. We have tried nasal saline, steamy showers, humidification, bulb suction (those of you with toddlers know how impossible...
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    Re: BLW, nursing, and pacifier use

    You have just described both of my DDs almost exactly!!! The first nursed until age 2 1/2 when I got pregnant with the second and would have kept going! They both prefered a pacifier at times and I...
  16. do "non-comfort nursers" wean earlier?

    Our 10 month old DD has never been a comfort nurser. (Unlike our first DD who was and weaned at 2 1/2 years when I got pregnant with our now 10 month old). She is all business when it comes to...
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    blocked duct and teething strike

    my 10 month old DD is trying to cut her top 2 teeth. She hasn't been nursing well the last few days (she won't take a bottle or cup, so it makes me more nervous then usual) and for the last 8 hours,...
  18. Tips on getting my 8.5 month old to nurse in public?

    My DD will only nurse lying down in our dark bedroom. She still nurses every 2-3 hours during the day which makes going out for any length of time difficult. I have had a little luck getting her to...
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    Re: IS this normal for a 8.5 month old?

    Thanks Mommal. I try and get her to nurse often. I am at home with her most days and we try a lot. She just rolls off or plays with my face/necklace/whatever. It pisses her off if I push too...
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    IS this normal for a 8.5 month old?

    Hi Mommas:

    Just wondering if you all have experienced the same at this age. My DD is 8.5 months. She never took a bottle and is not very interested in a sippy yet, though she will drink sips...
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    Re: Some questions?

    I'm with all the moms above. This stuff INFURIATES me!! I'm a pediatrician and I didn't learn a thing about breastfeeding (OK, maybe a few things...but not much) in medical school or residency. I...
  22. Temas: leaking

    by @llli*lcb

    Re: leaking

    Ok, this might sound ridiculous, but when I feel a small let-down during the day between feedings, I reach in my bra and fold my nipples " up". It stops them from leaking. I do this while I'm...
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    Re: Am I creating a future problem?

    we use a "bink" for our 8 month old...always have and she uses it in a couple of ways. Sometimes, when she is too worked up to latch on, it calms her enough to then get on the breast. Sometimes,...
  24. what's are you counting as a "nursing session"?

    OK, my LO is almost 8 months. She gets on the breast about 8-10 times/day, but really nurses both breasts fully only about 3-4 times a day. This is before naps and bed when she is half asleep and I...
  25. Temas: Attachment

    by @llli*lcb

    Re: Attachment

    We have a Maya wrap that I carry our LO in a side/hip position. She loves to look out too. The back can come up to her neck and she is well supported. We love that thing and I carry her everywhere...
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