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    Re: Fenugreek or Moremilkplus?

    Is it a one or the other situation? I've been taking fenugreek for a couple of days and have yet to notice a difference. Someone gave me their more milk plus - can I take them both?

    DS, 4MO,...
  2. Re: swaddling, sleeping, and eating

    You will love the miracle blanket! My DS is 4 months old and he loves it too. The Happiest Baby On The Block is amazing too and saved us when he got gassy and fussy around 10 weeks....esp the...
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    Re: green poop!

    My DS had the same thing...BRIGHT green poop, like fresh pesto. They started dark green and got brighter - then some bloody streaks and once a long bloddy mucousy string. Of course I freaked out and...
  4. 4mo feeds for 1 hour almost since birth...too long?

    Hi folks,

    This is my first time posting, but I am a frequent reader of the boards.

    My son is 4 months old, EB and eats for an hour every time! Surely some of this is comfort sucking. I've been...
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