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  1. Re: HELP: Nursing strike and refusing solids at the same time!

    hi there! just going to say that we're in the same (rocky) boat. my little guy was sick when he started refusing the breast. he's also sporting 4 new top teeth and i'm recovering from 5 days of...
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    Re: Help....Weight Gain

    i hated the scale during pregnancy and now i hate it with my little man too!

    if you son is projectile vomited it is quite possible he isn't able to keep enough of his food in. my ped gi told me...
  3. Re: baby losing weight HELPPPPPP!

    lots of :hug!

    i don't have any answers b/c i'm in the same boat. my little man isn't gaining either at 7 months (if he had pooped b/f his gi appointment he probably would have lost weight...
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    Well I'm kind of at a loss. My little guy has had reflux issues since birth (April 1). We started him on Zantac and I eliminated dairy and soy at about 3 weeks and things got much better. Other...
  5. Re: Nursing has become SO difficult

    yes! i could have written your post myself. my little guy has been on reflux meds since week 3 and seemed to be doing better. however, he didn't have much of a weight gain between his 2 and 4...
  6. Re: Best ideas for working from home

    Don't count tutoring out...you can charge a pretty penny and parents WILL pay.

    good luck.

    other ideas involve more sales (the 'party' style) but i have friends who swear by them and have been...
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    Re: Teaching and Breast feeding

    i had my first lo in june so i had the whole summer with her before going back to school in august. somehow i managed to pump for the entire school year to get to her first birthday (and since it...
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    Re: Snacker or growth spurt?

    My guy is 13 weeks (I think) and I'm right there with you! He was going 2.5-3 hours during the day and 4-5 hours at night. Monday he was extremely fussy and then slept 9 hours straight! Since...
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    My little guy is almost 3 months (where has the time gone?!) and has decided he HATES the car. It doesn't matter what time of day, when the last meal was, how long the trip is, etc. It is miserable...
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    Re: Pumping and Possible Jury Duty?

    when i had dd #1 i called the phone number and explained that i was bfing an infant--she was a couple of months. i was able to postpone my jury duty rather than get out of it completely.

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    Re: No poop

    my little guy had trouble during his first week and we gave him a product called gripe water and i kept feeding him as often as he would eat to keep stuff going through his system. it really helped...
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    Re: BPA free bottles?

    You might find this blog helpful.
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    Re: bf and uti

    definitely not the most pleasant experience. hang in there!
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    Re: bf and uti

    my lo got her first uti the day before her first birthday and has had two since then. it is not uncommon because as my ped put it "they have a short track." anyway, we had to follow up with a...
  15. Re: baby not napping at daycare - sleeping all night!

    My lo started daycare at 3 months. She never took more than 2-3 30 minutes while at daycare. She would sleep in the car on the way home, wake up, eat, and go right back to sleep for the night about...
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    Re: smelly urine - is it normal?

    Some foods can make urine smell a little off--aspargus is the first thing that comes to mind. Protein might as I remember hearing comments from Adkins folks who were eating lots of protein and...
  17. Re: terrible teething, pain relief for baby?

    :hug to you. My lo just got four top teeth and is now working on 2 molars and so I feel your pain and exhaustion. She sticks closer to me than my shadow. I've started carrying her around again in...
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    Re: learning how to crawl

    Every motor stage (crawling, walking and now running and climbing) have changed her eating and sleeping habits (more waking, less napping so consider yourself lucky!). There just isn't enough time...
  19. Re: Calling all experienced SAHMs!

    I'm not experienced at this but I'm figuring it out via trial and error. (I am only home during the summer). Our day revolves around three key features and they are listed in order of frequency: ...
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    Re: constipation w/solids

    We've been through several rounds of constipation and boy does it make her grumpy! We stick to the 4 P's: peaches, pears. prunes, and ? (can't think of it right now). Prunes work best. We would...
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    Re: What do I need???

    I can't sit still for more than 2 minutes so I needed stuff to keep me busy. I had a way to access my laptop if I needed to get work done or I read. One time I totally lost track of time b/c I...
  22. Re: suggestions for getting LO to take whole milk?

    I went through a similar issue not too long ago. My lo always had bm before solids so I continued this when trying to transition her to whole milk and did not have much success. I could get a few...
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    Re: Two ?s: Iron? Day care?

    My lo did not eat rice cereal. She was having weight gain problems and her ped. wanted her to have mostly bm and solids that would provide the most "bang for their buck." He felt rice cereal was...
  24. Re: How to serve yellow summer squash?

    I just steam it and she eats it--all of it!
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    Re: DS won't take a sippie cup.

    I could start a catalog company with all the sippy cups we've tried.:) My lo would take sips that were hardly measureable. One day, she decided she was ready and gave up all her bottles at once!!!...
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