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    Re: We Made It

    For the past month he's only rarely come to the breast to suckle because usually he only bites and laughs then runs off to play with something. So its very frustrating and painful for me. It wasn't...
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    We Made It

    I haven't been able to come online for so long, I miss it here.
    I just am so thrilled that we made it to 13 months of successful breastfeeding at the end of september. Since then he really weaned...
  3. Switching from breast to breast on his own every few minutes!

    My 8 month old son is doing just that for the past week or so! during a feeding he will be eating on the left side then sit up on his own and claw at my shirt until that breast is out too and then...
  4. very quick valve question on nuby cup

    Ok so maybe i'm just really dumb, but on the nuby cups that DO have valves. One side is a turtle for slow and one is a rabbit for fast. Which way makes what happen? When I put it on the cap do I...
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    Re: NYwifey is a mommy!! :)

    YIPEEE!!!!! :clap :hug CONGRATS!
  6. What can i try for a 4 mo old teething?

    I believe my 4 mo. old is starting to get the discomfort of teeth. I see the two white lines of bottom teeth, nothing broken through yet. He likes to chew on fingers and loves to have his gums rubbed...
  7. Re: Great nurser, constant spitting up

    Good point about the growth spurt lengthwise, i never would've even thought of that! I keep us inclined during side-lying but I'm so tired I really can't remember if I burp him more than a couple...
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    Re: boiling bottles

    i use the medela steam bags once every week or so... inbetween soapy water soaks/rinses. I steam bottles, pump parts, etc. I do steam the flanges too. Takes a couple minutes.
  9. Re: Great nurser, constant spitting up

    He gained a pound in an a week and half... I'm a new mama, so is that enough for a growth spurt? He does groan a lot too in the middle of the night about 4am every night (another post on this). So...
  10. Great nurser, constant spitting up

    Is it something to be concerned of if DS is spittin up a lot more than usual? He spits up after every feeding and sometimes during a feeding or even when he hasn't had a feeding for a while...He...
  11. Re: Never eliminated dairy from diet like ped said to

    He's almost 4 months... most of the milk has just recently been pumped so I could save it for a few months yet, but i'm not sure he'd outgrown an allergy that soon? Thank you for all your help!
  12. Re: Never eliminated dairy from diet like ped said to

    We were doing so good, no symptoms and no dairy in my diet... but tonight he had blood in his stools again. DB gave him a bottle while I ran to the store and it was from a prior date... so do I need...
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    Re: Need a new pump

    I have a PIS as well and when I double pump I feel a significant decrease in the suction, so its not my favorite.
    so other posters... decreasing the speed helps?
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    Re: breast feeding jaundice question

    We were told to breastfeed as much as possible because the more he ate the more he would poop, passing the jaundice out...
    I didn't read all the posts so I may be repeating but if you can't go sit...
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    Re: 4 a.m. gas machine

    Its like a noise/grunt you would do when you stretch in the morning...if that makes sense. I'm pretty sure its gas because as soon as I lift his legs way up he'll go and I can feel the bubbles in his...
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    4 a.m. gas machine

    this may be somewhere else, but that 60 second wait time with search is driving me nuts so I'm just gonna post.

    At 4am - no matter what time DS goes to bed- he wakes up grunting and straining. ...
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    Re: Three Month Growth Spurt

    my LO turned 3 months on friday after thanksgiving... and that is exactly what is happening to me still...thanks for the post - now I know what was going on with him! wow, is it tiring, but keep it...
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    Re: separated?

    milk is made up of two parts, one is thinner(foremilk) and one is thicker/creamier (hind milk). Separation is normal. I usually dont' shake mine too vigorously though, only swirl (there is debate but...
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    Re: Restless at feedings

    DS was due Aug. 31 and came Aug. 24th! I too am experiencing the same thing... it doesn't seem like he is unhappy but just like you said -distracted. He'll nurse then pull off and turn his head away...
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    Re: Pacifier recommendation...

    A lady I work with has a deformed thumb. She warned me to not let my son suck on his thumb because she did and her parents had trouble getting her to stop. It got so bad and went on so long that the...
  21. Re: Never eliminated dairy from diet like ped said to

    I read online about dairy sensitivity signs that it could be mucousy stools or spit up as a sign as well. I really have no idea what this would look like. Sometimes his spit up is more foamy and the...
  22. Re: Never eliminated dairy from diet like ped said to

    when they check the stool are they checking to see if there is blood or checking to see if there is an infection? because his stool sample came back normal and just had that one string of what they...
  23. Re: How or did you get your baby on a sleeping schedule?

    DS started to develop a pattern of falling asleep between 6 or 630pm and wake during the night maybe twice to eat and then sleep til 6am. His pediatrician said that was too many hours of sleep...
  24. Re: How or did you get your baby on a sleeping schedule?

    I have no good advice because I let DS (3mo) run the show. Reading these responses though I may be setting myself up for trouble down the road. My DB and I are 23/22 and sleeping habits now to me are...
  25. Re: Other Than the Bottle for Supplement

    I'm glad it works for you too! I didn't want to tell my boyfriend it worked either (before DS would take a bottle), haha, work can wait! Still haven't tried the straw yet... just trying to enjoy bf...
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