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  1. Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    My ds is 25 months old now. Out of my three kids he is the only one I have bf for longer than 3 months and exclusively.

    He nurses in the morning, nap time, at least once (maybe twice) before bed...
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    Nursing Bra

    I hope this is the right place to put this.....feel free to move it if needed :) I wear a 42DD bra and the ones that I am using right now do not have the supposed I need. I was wondering if anyone...
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    Re: Fussy nursing.

    Wow thank you for that link....I have been on Kellymom before but there is so much info I can't always find something! I am definitely take the advise there. Lots of awesome info! I feel better...
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    Fussy nursing.

    Hi all. I scoured the forums and can't find an answer so I am posting to see if anyone else has any insight.
    My son is just a few days over 1 month old and the last 2 days he has been "fighting"...
  5. Re: Please help, so many issues but I don't want to give up!

    I am not sure how much help this would be but my son (he is one month now) would fall asleep right away as well. I went to a Lactation Consultant (about latching issues) and he was doing it there...
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    Supply, When and How long?

    Although this is my third child this is the first one I have been able to exclusively give breast milk. I have never pumped before. I have been pumping a bit for the last week but I am wondering what...
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    Re: Help with Cradle Cap

    Just to add another 2 cents :love. One of my sisters babies had it and she said she used baby oil and it helped clear it up!
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    Re: Breast Tenderness

    I wish it was just let down, I can feel my let down and this isn't it because it is constant and only happens when he is feeding. I feel let down when he is feeding at first or when he cries or...
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    Breast Tenderness

    Hi! :hello I'm new here.
    I feel silly asking questions particularly since this is my third child but...here it goes.
    My son is now three weeks and I am breastfeeding only, he did have a few...
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