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  1. Re: Thrush and sickness - need support!

    sounds like thrush + mastitis.... been there... use the nipple cream as much as you want, just wipe it off before u nurse. is your baby being treated, too?
  2. Re: 12 Month Old Still Nursing at Night

    sounds like he's on the toddler diet...white food only!!! very common :shrug
  3. Re: need advice or just support =mastitis day3-4

    is there any white on the roof of your babys mouth?
  4. Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    just want to lend some support and say that I was majorly pressured by everyone arround me to wean my older son. I did NOT cave, but did harbor a bit of resentment for people not believing that I...
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    Re: Craniosacral Therapy

    Yes, Yes, YES!!!

    I'm a holistic health practitioner and Massage therapist...I can tell you that CT is amazing and does WONDERS for any sort of disorder with the jaw and or neck area. So if your...
  6. Re: Very Painful Sore Under Nipple

    I'm so sorry about your pain. I've been there! Could it be a bite? Have you tried warm compresses and/or massaging it a LOT in a hot shower? I've dealt with open wounds a couple of times, it is...
  7. Re: I have to stop BF and baby hates formula!!!!

    Wow, that is so tough. First off, I'm sorry that you have to end your breastfeeding relationship under such circumstances. :hug I'm glad that your cancer is curable!! I do know a woman who had...
  8. Re: A story about my teething infant...when he bites!


    I'm glad my recollection helped you see that yes, you can power through it and you will survive! Sore nipples are the wors, however we women are strong and our mothering instinct carries...
  9. Re: feeding for hours + lipstick nipple HELP

    is there anyway he could be tongue-tied? my 8 month old was tongue-tied at birth. i discovered it at 3.5 weeks, when i was having a similar issue: flattened nipple and strange swallowing patterns....
  10. Re: need advice or just support =mastitis day3-4

    I've had mastitis twice and thrush once...sorry you're going through this and still having to be super-mommy to your 3 kids! The worst time I had it I just laid in bed and had my husband bring my...
  11. A story about my teething infant...when he bites!

    Hush, little baby, don’t say a word….mama’s gonna buy you a mocking-bird….and if that mocking-bird don’t sing…..OWWWWWWWWWWW!

    My lackadaisical nursing session has been interrupted by the bite of ...
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