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  1. Re: Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

    Oh believe me I have been there! MOST of the time it has been fine and either no one was directly next to me or it was a really nice person who was supportive. A couple times I was just uncomfortable...
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    Re: refusing the highchair

    Pablito stopped using the high chair around 13-14 months. He never liked it. I likes being at the table with other people, he sits on his knees and does pretty well. Otherwise we have a mini child...
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    Re: Soy nueva, almacenamiento de LM

    Que bien que hayas recibido una respuesta! Me encantan estos foros. Yo utilize envases plasticos pequenos con tapaderas y las bolsas para leche materna cuando las pude encontrar algo baratas... las...
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    Re: My first cute story!

    That's not just cuteness that's smartness!! Adorable.
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    Re: Soy nueva, almacenamiento de LM

    No tengo la respuesta a su pregunta en ese momento, porque no estoy muy segura de que tipo de envase se refiere. Solo que recomiendo NO botar la leche, hasta que podemos averiguar!!!! Quien le dijo...
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    Re: Popó con moco y sangre

    Moco y sangre en el heces son sintomas clasicas de infeccion intestinal. Llame a su pediatra.

    Por otro lado si tiene un seno mas lleno que el otro y le saque leche se va a responder a la demanda...
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    Re: Yay! We made it to two years!

    Yeah for you two!
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    Re: Nursed Teddy Bear...you?

    Such cute stories....... aaawwwwwwww. My DS will not share the chichis even with the doll... but he does nurse dolls and stuffed animals.
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    Re: night weaning- dr jay gordon

    We're doing it right now. It's working I would say. He is much less demanding for the one remaining feed (actualy eating, I mean to point out) in the 10-6 period, so I sometimes give him a little...
  10. Re: torn emotionally--ready to wean, but is he?

    Hugs. I totally felt this way when Pablito was around the same age. Really, exactly it all came back to me when reading your post. I was too lazy-tired-confused to actually try to wean him, and it...
  11. Re: Es bueno el fenugreek?? como se toma??

    A mi me ayudo un te con fenugreco igual que la avena, la avena no tiene ninguna contraindiccion, si quiere intentar... solo comi avena dos veces al dia. Pero estoy de acuerdo que lo mejor es dejar...
  12. Re: Looking for hard evidence on the benefits of extended nursing

    First of all, even though its an old post, I just want to say, OP: you are brave to get into these kind of debates with your DH! So glad you have come to a mutual understanding and that things are...
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    Re: Amazing small change.

    Thanks everyone!
    I just thought I would explain too that I didn't post on the weaning forum about any of this, thoughI know its partial weaning I am talking about, but I am still really focused...
  14. Re: Breastfeeding Beyond Two...thoughts?

    I just wanted to chime in in response to pp who wondered if she should start now (15 months) to wean in order to not have to deal with some of these issues. I wouldn't unless you want to. I am only...
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    Amazing small change.

    OK, I decided to not get too ambitious (honestly, these days there is hardly any risk of that!) and just see if I could get P to let go before he was fully aleep when nursing in the middle of the...
  16. Re: What is going on all of the sudden?

    I had it happen once a couple of nights in a row a few months back. I never figured out why and as it didn't happen again, I didn't give it much thought. :rolleyes:
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    Re: We made it!

    That is wonderful! Good for you, for both of you!!! :clap
  18. Re: Breastfeeding Beyond Two...thoughts?

    Thanks all! Oh, I forgot to add, that although he mostly speaks Spanish (he's a slow talker in general), he can come up with an English word --- because I do require a "polite" request! So I get...
  19. Breastfeeding Beyond Two...thoughts?

    Morning everyone. I have not been on the forums for oh-so-long. Things were going spiffy during the 12-24 period of nursing LO, but I have started to have some concerns lately and thought it would be...
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    Re: runny nose, and breastfeeding.

    Steam, saline, eucilyptus and keeping him upright are great in combo too! But, if the nose is more runny than stuffy, it might not make a difference. Pumping will keep the breast drained well...
  21. Re: Help me understand the range of attitudes out there

    Good advice. Thanks so much. It reminded me of an experience I had once travelling with my daughter from Miami to DC (around 10 years ago now). The man who had the seat next to us offered $25 to...
  22. Re: Help me understand the range of attitudes out there

    Thank you all for your thoughtful answers. I get the impression we should just try to be a bit more discreet? Any ideas on how to teach him to stay under cover in public?? He's sure not used to it......
  23. Help me understand the range of attitudes out there

    Hi, I am getting ready for my annual trip up to see family and friends in the US. I am "still" nursing my son 16 months + and just want to be ready for what kinds of reactions I might get or...
  24. Re: We're only night nursing...want DD in crib

    Just want to say that I came back to the boards today after a lonnnnnggggggg time for the same problem. I work full time. I stopped pumping and leaving milk when he started eating more in the day....
  25. Re: A Cute funny little thing happened.....

    Oh my 15 month old does this too! Standing up, sideways, he actually looks for funny positions to be in and get his fill. The other day though was the cutest. He popped off the boobie to give me a...
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