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  1. Re: Foremilk/hindmilk balance with pumped milk?

    :shrug idk if this will help but ... when i pumped and i seen my milk very clear then i knew it was the foremilk, especailly when i was REALLY engorged, i would pump like 5oz of it. but im not saying...
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    Re: Blockfeeding...not working?

    if it reflux your baby would have other signs like coughing, spiting up milk after feedings and when laying down too soon after a feeding, the baby would start refusing the breast cause its a sign...
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    green watery stools

    My LO is 3 1/2 months old and never had a problem before. It started about a week ago, i made Lentils for dinner and that evening i noticed her stools were green i figured it was from the lentils and...
  4. Re: Strange question about numbness

    i would get cramps in my back for being in one position too long while BF, like if i was leaning on one side more or hunched over. But i dont recall numbness.

    Have you mentioned it on your post...
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    Re: Question for the cosleepers

    my husband is fine with it.. i think.:eye. he never mentioned anything to me.. lol.. he would cuddle with her and sleep with her but then again our baby is 3 months. I dont know when i will start...
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    Re: bottle issues

    :D thank you very much!! she is trying to suck but im sure she will get the hang of it.. thanks for the website :fingers
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    bottle issues

    I start work in about 2 weeks. over this past weekend i started to introuce my 2 1/2 month old a bottle.. yeah.. lets just say that didnt go over too well...:rolleyes: my husband was the one tring to...
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    Re: Falling asleep before finished

    my daughter was the same way when she was only a coulpe weeks old, i would always have to move her cheeks or change her diaper to try to wake her up, eventually i just always lay her down when she...
  9. Re: was eating both sides now just one side at a time!

    thanks for the replys its helps to know that others experience the same. :hug when she was first born she weighed 6lb 3oz , lost a pound at 1 week check up and then at her month check up she was 9lb...
  10. Re: was eating both sides now just one side at a time!

    thnks it does help i just cant help but worry that im doing something wrong or something is not right... the newmommy worries i guess:o?!
  11. was eating both sides now just one side at a time!

    i am a new mom and want to make sure im feeding her ok. alright my baby girl will be 2 months on the 23rd and when she turned 7 weeks she started sleeping 10pm-5am, which i thought was great.. then...
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