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  1. Re: Sleep deprived mom of 12 month old

    Thanks for the link. I know she has a front tooth coming in. Maybe the molars are too. She hasn't been fussy though. Even though she doesn't nurse till 5 she's still up before then, will that go away...
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    Re: Help! Need encouragement

    I agree with the vasospasm suggestion. I had that issue bathe pains after nursing and color changing nipples. KEEP WARM while nursing and directly after. After a nursing session apple warm dry...
  3. Re: Beyond sore, feeding/sucking every 10-20 minutes...

    I would suggest a lactation consult if you have that resource in your area regarding the latch issue. I had a lot of pain and latch issues and they were a big support.

    You will get more milk when...
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    Re: Try to suck my nipple off!

    My sil suggested to me to firmly place your arm behind baby's head and when she pulls apply light pressure in opposite direction. I never had this issue.
  5. Sleep deprived mom of 12 month old

    My daughter turned a year last month. I have been trying to night wean her. She goes to sleep around 730 and wakes around 7 am. I typically put her to sleep in her twin bed in her room then join her...
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    Continued pain

    My daughter, Mae, was born on Feb 12, birth weight 6 pounds 4 ounces. No complications at birth and began breastfeeding within the hour.

    I am having continued nipple soreness... pinching, sand...
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