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    Re: pain while nursing

    For a couples weeks after having my first, now 16 months, I had problems also. I found that changing positions did not help right away, or at least it did not seem to, but then after my nipples had...
  2. Re: Surprise baby due August, wean 15 month old

    I had to kinda periods, but I have been told that periods can be irregular if you are nursing so I didn't think anything of it.

    I was totally suprised that I was not only pregnant but so far...
  3. Surprise baby due August, wean 15 month old

    I just found out on Friday that I was pregnant again and then yesterday the ultrasound showed that I'm already almost 18 weeks and due August 5. I just don't know if I am up to tandem nursing, plus...
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    Re: One breast larger than the other

    I noticed that I would get lopsided when I did not nurse evenly. Most likely if you just make sure you are nursing pretty even on both sides you'll even out. My 15 month old still makes sucking...
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    Re: when to introduce bottle?

    Some babies just won't like bottles. My daughter, 15 months, never took a bottle, she would only chew on it (before her teeth). You may have to try different kinds of nipples from what I've heard...
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    Re: Feeding Schedule

    Nursing babies need to be fed the way you are doing it. Feed him when he's hungry and it's perfect. One of my friends is trying to do the 12 weeks to 12 hours of sleep thing with her just turned 3...
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    Re: why has to be BF or formula for 1st year?

    Stopping bf when your baby gets teeth wouldn't be good, so babies are born with or get them at 2 months, not all babies are over 6 months when they get teeth. Some people are weird. As long as your...
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    Re: Enough weight gain ?

    My 15 month old was 16 pounds at a year and she was not considered underweight. Some babies just develop differently. She was 7 pounds even when she was born. Some babies are just smaller than...
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    Re: Feeding for hours

    When my 15 month old was younger she did the same thing. It's probably a combination of wanting cuddling time and a growth spurt. It looks as though from the other posts a lot of babies do this. ...
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    Re: New baby problems

    I was told by my midwife not to use a bottle for the first three weeks because then sometimes the baby refused the breast as it is easier for then to drink more out of a bottle. That would be ideal...
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    Re: Really extended

    People are always going to have their ideas of what's the time to stop nursing. I don't personally know where my or my daughter's stopping point is since she's only 15 months. (Pregnancy soreness...
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    Pregnant and nursing 15 month old

    I just took two tests and they both came out positive. No wonder I've been sore! I have an appointment at the pregnancy center for Wednesday to comfirm it.

    Any ideas as to how to nurse during...
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    Re: Sore Nipples Nursing 15 month old

    I do not think it's thrush, I looked online at the symtoms and other than being sore I do not have any and neither does my baby.

    About menstrating.. good question. My daughter is 15 months now...
  14. Re: When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    I have a 15 month old and stopped leaking about 2 or 3 months ago. I had your problem, going through nursing pad after nursing pad. I found that using the lansinloh brand bursing pad worked best...
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    Sore Nipples Nursing 15 month old

    I haven't had any problems until about a month ago. She's now only nursing usually once during the day and then several times at night. I'm almost as sore as I was when I first started nursing her...
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