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    Re: Expressing too much?

    I been trying to get her to the breast again but she always turn away or do a pet lip and start crying, even if i put the breast back in my bra, she start crying a bit and i have t cuddle her until...
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    Expressing too much?

    Since my daughter refused the breast totally after trying the sippy cup, skin-to-skin, offering the breast very often, I had no luck so far to get her on the breast, so I've been expressing my milk...
  3. Re: Burning feeling while breastfeeding

    Thank you so much for the info!! :)) I will keep at it.
  4. Burning feeling while breastfeeding

    Hello everyone, I'm new here!

    I came on this forum because a lot of people have referred me here.

    I have a baby girl 1 month old. Been breastfeeding her and been introducing formula because...
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