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  1. Re: Tired of being groped while nursing boob-obsessed 2-year

    just wanted to say i also have a 2 1/2 yr old who drives me crazy with some of his nursing habits. it just takes telling them over and over, giving them your attention really helps. too often i am...
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    Re: Please help!! I'm about to just stop

    hows it going?
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    Re: Please help!! I'm about to just stop

    how long have you been giving formula and how often. give a breakdown of your nursing schedule and how/why you are supplementing. then we can work from there.
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    Re: distraught and discouraged

    hi mama. my older son had/has what sounds exactly the same. He is 10 now. I did not nurse him past a year. when we started to realize his teeth were crumbling and falling apart the dentist put...
  5. Re: Weaning but won't drink cow's milk and picky eater

    my little guy is so picky. its making me nuts. all you can do is keep trying. great suggestions mommal! i am going to try to make things cuter :)
  6. Re: Establishing supply for preemie twins in NICU

    you really are doing so awesome. remember how exhausting 1 baby is, you have two, they are premies and you are pumping. you are doing so well.
  7. Re: Establishing supply for preemie twins in NICU

    how did today go?
  8. Re: Establishing supply for preemie twins in NICU

    such great news!!! twins sleeping together :love

    so how many times a day do you pump? does your dh bottle feed when you pump? just never knew how it worked with twins so this is very...
  9. Re: Establishing supply for preemie twins in NICU

    congrats on the babies!! you are doing so much and you are doing awesome!!

    what is the car seat test?
  10. Re: Starting daycare for 3 hours -2 days/wk...haberman feede

    you can simply use a bottle with a slow flow nipple and that is fine. you will not jeopardize your BF relationship, you just need to pump when she is getting a bottle and make sure the DCP does not...
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    Re: Question about thawed milk

    you absolutely can mix milk from different days, frozen or not it does not matter.
  12. Re: Storage of scalded breast milk to remove lipase

    what do you mean last an hour? do you mean after a baby has drank from a bottle? overall scalded milk is the same in terms of storage and use. the one hour thing is for milk that has been in a...
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    Re: Question about output.

    your body will response better to a baby rather than a machine trying to mimic a baby. pumping can be very difficult.

    why are you pumping and even power pumping?
  14. Re: Stressed with Breastfeeding an almost 8 monther!!!

    i may not be back tonight so here you go in case you need it:

    time can be limiting when it comes to pumping at work, but do your best to get the extra sessions in. it is best to pump, even if...
  15. Re: Stressed with Breastfeeding an almost 8 monther!!!

    yes and in general the baby will nurse more that way. my little guy was nursing so much at night i felt better. i knew he was getting what a lot of what he needed then so i didnt worry about the...
  16. Re: Stressed with Breastfeeding an almost 8 monther!!!

    hi there.

    its normal for the distraction from your little guy. and it sounds like you really do understand that and how the overall relationship works. i am sure you are tired and frustrated. ...
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    Re: Huge hard spot in breast

    i used a heating pad on the area and massaged whenever i could. also massage and kind of "rake" your fingers down your breast in the shower and hand express in there too. try to also nurse with...
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    Re: Night nursing

    my son is now about two and 1/2. he has very recently (this past two months) had some really great stretches here and there of sleeping what i would consider through the night. but thats not the...
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    Re: do I have lipase?

    just check that the bottles really are free of soap residue but otherwise it sounds like lipase. like pp said :)

    my milk early on tasted off after a day in the fridge, but over time for some...
  20. Re: Yeast, Blood, and Slowing Production -- So many problems

    hi there!

    you could have been a bit agressive while hand expressing but i would not stop pumping or hand expressing because of that, it could have also been from the pumping. the blood is just...
  21. Re: Advice on being a solo parent, night weaning and sleep!?

    hey mama. with my first i was a single mom and we coslept and nursed. it was important for both of us. it kept my little guy calm and we got the most sleep that way. there will always be times...
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    Re: Yeast Infection - what is safe to take?

    hope the monistat works. just wanted you to know it seems like taking a probitoic with the antibiotic is good. its got to be a good probiotic and youve got to take it at the right times. just for...
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    Re: Yeast Infection - what is safe to take?

    im on an antibiotic right now, i am taking it twice a day and taking a good probiotic in the middle of the day. hopefully this wards off the yeast infection i am trying to avoid. just wanted to give...
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    Re: SOS! lipase!

    the milk is not bad for the baby. its just that many babies wont take it because of the taste. i would say that you can scald the milk you are planning on freezing. there is a good sticky in the...
  25. Re: Yet another question about how often to pump

    sorry for the delay. i had a medela PIS. i used the battery pack and just a baby blanket. you need a hand free bra. i had one by Simple Wishes.

    the batteries are not as strong as being...
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