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  1. Re: My husband wants me to stop breastfeeding after 8 months

    You can first try citing the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to breastfeed for at least a year. You can also start introducing solids through baby-led solids. Let your little one play...
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    Re: Overfeeding?

    @brogers & raejoy - I can't nurse with the Moby in "ready" position, but I've found that if I get it all ready and then drop the shoulder straps around my waist then I can quickly lift them back up...
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    Re: Increase intake

    You can also use the IBCLE search tool to double check their credentials:

  4. Re: 5 days old and not sure what else to do...

    OP, just wanted to let you know that it gets better pretty quickly. Due to DD being 5 weeks early the LC's had me pumping and supplementing her with EBM 8 times a day. Now at 3 weeks we are only...
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