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  1. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    I can't say how wonderful it is to feel the support and empathy here. I felt very "abnormal" and alone a lot of the time and I am taking steps to find a good therapist who can help guide me towards...
  2. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    I definitely got a new pediatrician! I left her almost immediately (over a year ago), but the damage was done. She must have hit a nerve, and really got me at my deepest insecurities, which is...
  3. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    Thank you, sweet ladies. These responses brought a tear to my eye. sometimes it's hard to be proud of what you have already accomplished and not focus on the fact that you had to leave your baby to...
  4. Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down?

    My perfect little son is 16 months old and doing great. He is very mellow about nursing and pretty much "tries" to nurse whenever I offer him the breast. He night weaned very easily and we now nurse...
  5. Re: Weaning depression and difficulties

    Sorry, slow in a good way! Meaning that it should be painless and gradual, but it is not, because i am more "into it" than my guy!
  6. Re: Weaning depression and difficulties

    I am very interested in this too! I have a 16 mo old who has a kind of "take it or leave it" attitude towards nursing. However, I feel like I am emotionally dependent on the oxytocin rush that...
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    I want to get my period!!

    Just wondering: is there anything I can do to "encourage" my menstrual cycle to start up again (ASIDE from nursing less)? I really don't want to reduce the amount that I nurse my 15 month old (we...
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    Re: Need to drink water to have let down

    I have also had major problems with let-down and I also chug water right before I nurse. The other thing that has REALLY helped me is nipple stimulation. I didn't think it would do anything for me,...
  9. Tips for getting toddler to drink expressed milk?

    So, my 14 month old son and I are still enjoying a great breastfeeding relationship. He nurses morning and night and before his 2 naps. I still pump once a day at work to keep my supply up, but my...
  10. Baby Suddenly Rejecting Pumped Milk?

    So....my son is almost 14 months old and I have been working part time and pumping BM for him since he was 4 months old. Sometimes, I brought frozen milk to his caregiver, sometimes fresh..I have...
  11. Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    I have a lot of problems with this, especially as my baby got older. Here are some of the things that helped me along the way:
    -listening to music that is emotional or sweet/sad/soothing while...
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    Re: How to Handle Sporadic Let-Down

    Thanks. I have decided to add pumping back into my working day, and have gone back on mothers milk tea, fennel and fenugreek. I have been getting let-downs, if I focus really hard on things that make...
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    How to Handle Sporadic Let-Down

    We made it to a year! My 13 month old and I have had a wonderful nursing relationship-I wish it could go on forever. Unfortunately, I have had huge troubles all throughout with supply and let-down...
  14. Re: 11 months and SLOW LETDOWN driving baby to strike

    Thanks for your reply. More info:
    What instant reward techniques are you referring to? A bottle? Not sure what other options there are...
    Yes, I take Motherlove Special Blend and have fennel in...
  15. 11 months and SLOW LETDOWN driving baby to strike

    ARGH! I am so close to making my year goal of nursing my son, who is 11 months and 3 days old. He is very into solids and a big healthy boy (75th percentile in height and weight). Just in the last...
  16. 11 month old drinking 7-10 oz of water/day

    Hi all,
    My 11 month old son has recently been drinking a lot of water from his sippy cup. Maybe about 7-10oz/day (maybe more??). He is VERY active, and 80th percentile in height and weight. He also...
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    Re: Inhibited Let-down on "Off" Side

    Yes, it is strange, and doesn't seem to be the case for other moms. I have always been told that when you letdown, you letdown on BOTH sides simultaneously, and this IS the case when I pump. BUT,...
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    Inhibited Let-down on "Off" Side

    So, I have always had troubles with let-down. Maybe it is because I have hypothyroid (though it is under control with Synthroid), or maybe it is related to anxiety, I do not know. I have managed to...
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    Re: Overfeeding 8 month old?

    Thanks, Meg. The 1-1.5 oz per hour of separation is really interesting to me. It makes me feel A LOT better about how much I am pumping at work. I keep feeling so inadequate and wondering what is...
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    Overfeeding 8 month old?

    My 8 month old son is never full. He always wants more solids, more nursing, more EVERYTHING (yes, he was a high needs infant!). My MIL and daycare provider (and everyone) are always saying that you...
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