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    Re: Three week old, possible oald?

    For fast letdowns:
    - Keep using reclined positions but experiment with different positions; you never know what might help.
    - If you have a true oversupply, let us know and we'll talk you through...
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    Re: over supply? oald?

    Whoa, that's a lot of milk! A more typical pumping amount, when pumping instead of nursing, would be just 2-4 oz total. Combine the large pump amount with the leaking and discomfort, and it sounds...
  3. Re: Storage of milk pumped during mastitis

    :ita with Maddieb.

    If it was MRSA that caused the mastitis, there's an extremely good likelihood that both mom and baby are colonized and therefore the milk would not be introducing new bacteria...
  4. Re: 9.5 mo nursing challenges - pls pls help!

    My pediatrician tested my kids for iron at around 9-10 months.
  5. Re: Baby ( 2 weeks old) only drinking 5-7min on one breast

    Excellent advice from Erin.in.Middletown. Even from the very earliest ages, babies have variable feeding speeds. Some get all they need in just 5-10 minutes at the breast, others take closer to an...
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    Re: Excessive Throw up at 4 months?

    I agree with the PPs. Spit-up is generally nothing to be concerned about. Schedules- unless they are ones designed by the baby him/herself- are generally a lot more problematic, since they are...
  7. Re: Streaks of blood in stool...very concerned

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    Re: over supply? oald?

    Most babies do. It's so easy to get milk out of a bottle. The flow is constant, never too fsat or too slow for baby's preference. It takes almost no skill to get milk out of a bottle- in fact, a...
  9. Re: 9.5 mo nursing challenges - pls pls help!

    If weight gain is normal, I think you work with the assumption that he's getting enough even if the feeds are short and few... Just keep offering and plugging along! Hopefully his interest will...
  10. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    Lucky moms know better, right? Pretty typical for non-mom caregivers to think that the baby needs "something else". But moms know that pretty much all needs can be filled at the breast, and they...
  11. Re: Newbie: Adoptive mama-to-be wants to BF

    Stronger suction isn't necessarily the road to higher production. Some moms actually respond better to lower suction. But a used pump is likely to have less power and that usually means less...
  12. Re: Newbie: Adoptive mama-to-be wants to BF

    Unless those pumps are pretty much new in box, I would invest in a new PISA. Better tools = better results, and used pumps are often pretty worn, particularly if they have been used for a year or...
  13. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    It might increase your supply, but high supply really isn't the worst problem you can have when you're back at work. And since you're back at work, having your baby nurse more is good practice for...
  14. Re: 9.5 mo nursing challenges - pls pls help!

    How has his weight gain been through this period of infrequent and distracted nursing?
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    Re: We've hit 3 years! :D

    Well done, mama! Not that you're done, of course. But marking a big milestone nevertheless!
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    Re: 3 month old night nursing


    If you google, you'll find a ton of advice about when your child "should" or "will" start sleeping through the night- when he's doubled his birthweight, when solids are introduced, when he's...
  17. Re: Newbie: Adoptive mama-to-be wants to BF

    Welcome to the forum! I hope your adoption journey is a successful and happy one.

    Since you're thinking of starting to pump soon, let's talk pumps and frequency! What sort of pump do you have...
  18. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    Tclynx obviously has better reading comprehension than I do! ;) 20 oz in just 3 pump sessions is a lot of milk. Average daily intake for a breastfed baby, per the reliable kellymom.com, is 19-30 oz,...
  19. Re: Trying to Wean my Daughter by Feb 2015

    :ita Such a good question! Most people would say that weaning should start at 12 months, not be complete by 12 months. Of course, there's ideal and then there's life, so you do what you have to!
  20. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think the first thing to focus on is this:

    When that is the case, blood in the baby's stool is something to watch but NOT something to freak out about or to switch...
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    Re: 13 hour feeding

    All normal, mama.

    Although we often say to expect growth spurts at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months, the truth is that they can hit at any time. And frequent feeding can happen for other reasons,...
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    Re: Uric crystals, and cluster feeding


    Regardless, glad to hear that your baby's diapers are back to normal!
  23. Re: Right Breast Excessive Leaking at 6 weeks

    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like your right breast is a real overachiever. You're not alone in this- a most moms have one breast which is more productive than the other. You just happen to...
  24. Re: forceful letdown on right breast causes baby to pull awa

    If it were me, I would do the following:
    1. Shelve the bottles. It sounds like you have a finicky eater who has already decided he's not fond of nursing on the right, and you don't want him...
  25. Re: Breastfeeding a 2 year old and irregular periods?

    It's very common for the first few postpartum cycles to be different from your pre-baby norm. Longer/shorter/heavier/lighter than before. Generally your cycle will settle down and become more...
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