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  1. Another question - how do I know...

    ...if she is getting milk? Sometimes I hear soft swallows, some big swallows like when you drink water really fast and sometimes nothing. Do I have to hear her swallowing?? I'm having trouble just...
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    Re: encouraging stronger sucks

    Awesome, thanks. I'll try and SNS. She is doing a bit better at the night feed, so if I could get some milk to her it may help her see that I can provide food for her.
  3. Can my body forget how to let down?

    Before I stopped breast feeding I had a really strong let down reflex. I could always feel it coming and we had to learn to deal with milk coming too fast for my babe. It's been about 2 months with...
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    Re: Yeah!!!!

    :clap I'm so happy to hear a story like that. I just started re lactating and its pretty discouraging. Hearing a good story gives me some hope!
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    encouraging stronger sucks

    I have a 6 1/2 month old little girl who has been on formula for about 2 months. I started having issues with low supply at 4 months and my doctor kinda talked me out of trying to keep bf. I really...
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