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  1. Re: Less nursing for more weight gain? 10mo old.

    Kellymom link on solids and timeline http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starting-solids/solids-how/
  2. Re: Less nursing for more weight gain? 10mo old.

    When you say o% can you give your baby Stats? Like where he's been at each visit? Are you saying he has literally gained NO weight? If that is true, for how long has that gone on?
  3. Re: Less nursing for more weight gain? 10mo old.

    It's actually very common for breastfed babies to drop dramatically on the growth chart the minute they start moving. Is your baby rolling over or trying to crawl? It's NOT normal for a BF baby to...
  4. Re: Oh gosh please help me, I'm in pain

    Can I get more information? Do you mean every minute of the day that you are NOT nursing you have this pain? Or do you mean that right as you START nursing it's awful and then as the feeding...
  5. Re: overwhelmed. Quit or combo feed? 7 weeks PP, mostly pump

    It's all supply and demand. And right now supply is still being established based on how often you demand it. Hence the very frequent pumping to mimic the demand of a newborn nursing constantly. And...
  6. Re: overwhelmed. Quit or combo feed? 7 weeks PP, mostly pump

    This is totally true. I could get 6-8oz 1st thing in the AM in under 30 minutes. Had to work way harder for way less all other times of the day. OP it sounds like you are way more of a success story...
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    Re: can it be kept?

    Was it frozen? Or fresh pumped? Frozen milk has to be used right away and no it won't keep until Tues. If you pumped it and it's never been frozen? Taste it. If it tastes OK and it was pumped TODAY...
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    Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    At 9months we eating: Pinto Beans. Kidney Beans, Steamed Broccoli. Steamed Artichoke leaves, Cucumber Spears, Apple Wedges, Pear wedges, Plums, Toast Bread crust. Toasted Bread crust dipped in...
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    Re: I left the milk out...

    Fresh milk that has never been cooled or frozen can be left out at room temperature for up to 8 hours. I regularly would pump and leave a bottle for my DH so that didn't have to mess warming up. My...
  10. Re: Mother has hit the wall after natural weaning.

    I think that being cut off very suddenly from oxcytocin which is the hormone you release with letdown IS actually very similar to feelings of withdrawal. Although....even though I felt it I think...
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    Re: Tonight is the night!

    Well? It's a week later. Are you night weaned?
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    Re: To wean or not to wean?

    Plus, toddler will help with initial engorgement, and it will really help him feel attached to you at a time when...really it otherwise will feel like someone stole his mother. If you can work it out...
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    Re: want to wean

    I'm with Mommal. If you are torn emotionally I would work for the next 8 weeks to hit your original goal and then work on it. Because no matter WHEN you do it, it's usually a really hard and very...
  14. Re: Figuring out weaning, even though I don't really want to

    I was home with my son for 14 months. And we nursed on demand. I went back to work full time at that point and all of a sudden was away from him for 9-10hours a day. I never pumped. He ate solids and...
  15. Re: How do I know if my thawed milk is bad?

    Your milk sounds fine. Milk with a lipsase issue usually smells like puke and tastes nasty. Nothing u described sounds problematic.
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    Re: Abrupt weaning necessary?

    Yes I did. My DH was sitting next to us. My son had the window seat. I was in the middle and my DH was by aisle. The armrest in the plane could by lifted. So we just lifted it and put a pillow under...
  17. Re: Is it possible fussy baby's not hungry?

    I would try letting down into a towel on the side that is frustrating him. If it's truly OALD then if you get rid of the initial force and that's what's upsetting him, then that should remedy the...
  18. Re: breastfeeding twins -- nursing vacation to increase supp

    Every three hours is going to hurt supply. My cousin nursed her twins exclusively and managed to nurse them until the were almost three. But in the 1st 4months? She did little else. She didn't make...
  19. Re: how many times should I pump each day?

    Mommal has worked out the math for you. But in terms of time, it should be mimicking the times you would actually feed. So usually in the 8hours you are away, you want to pump at least 3 times....
  20. Re: Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    :hello:hello OMG! I was JUST reading over our PM conversations the other day and wondering how you were doing! Welcome back! And congratulations! I am really sure that it will all be fine. ;):p
  21. Re: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help need

    Just to be clear, None of the examples listed are actual strikes. A baby crying or being fussy and you having attempt several times but it ending in the baby actually eating, is not striking...
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    Re: Human Pacifier

    Yep. It's a good thing. The more IRL breastfeeding you guys do on the weekends, the less likely your supply is to take a hit. Keep up the good work.
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    Re: Abrupt weaning necessary?

    I wouldn't even try to wean until the plane ride was over. :duck As I specifically waited until after a trip to Hawaii which was only a 5 hour plane ride because I didn't to deal with ear issues with...
  24. Re: Why do I feel teeth all of a sudden.

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    Re: supplementing. .

    Ho many times in a 24hour period are you nursing?
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