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  1. Re: Gentle Discipline 2yo HELP! **For New Beginnings**

    Toddlers are such interesting creatures! My daughter just turned 2, and it definitely takes a lot of energy to do the things that seem to help make our days more peaceful. The biggest thing is...
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    Re: Advice on Starting to Exercise?

    I started doing Jillian Michaels workout videos at 3-4 months PP, it never correlated to any change in nursing behaviour that I noticed! Agree with the PP, keep hydrated, make sure you have a good...
  3. Re: A six year old's thoughts on breastfeeding

    That was such a sweet little interview! thanks for sharing it :)
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    Re: 2 years old and 2 years nursing today

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    Re: 3 years, 3 months and going strong

    I missed this the first time around! I really enjoyed reading it. My DD is almost 23 months, and my husband is starting to make occasional comments about weaning. Neither she nor I are ready! It's...
  6. Re: Dr. says reflux, I say lip tie - what do you think?

    I'm not an expert, but that looks like a lip tie to me. Have you checked out the website kiddsteeth.com? Dr. Kotlow has a lot of great articles and pics on the site about lip/tongue ties and their...
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    Re: Feeling desperate

    Way to go, mama! And thanks for coming back to share your success...you never know who might get the push they need to keep going just from reading your story!
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    Re: Tender nipple. Is it thrush?

    The couple of times that I have had a plugged duct, the nipple on that side was sore for a few days after the plug resolved. I think that would be the more likely explanation for one sided pain, but...
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    Re: Thrush Help

    Glad to hear that things are starting to get better! I don't know that coconut oil encourages thrush - from what I've read, a lot of people use it to help treat thrush (I used it and I don't think it...
  10. Re: 18 months, no real nursing limits, anyone else?

    My LO is almost 21 months, and when I'm not working we pretty much nurse without limits at home, unless I'm in the middle of making supper or working out. If we're out and about, I usually will defer...
  11. Re: Worried about night away from breastfeeding baby

    If you're not ready to night wean, I wouldn't do it for just the one night. I occasionally work midnight shifts, and my DD (20 months) doesn't expect to nurse when I'm not there. If she wakes up, my...
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    Re: Thrush Help

    Are you using anything topically on your nipples, like Dr. Newman's all-purpose nipple ointment? http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=com_content&id=76:all-purpose-nipple-ointment-apno&Itemid=17...
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    Re: Nipple Sensitivity. What's normal?

    I think that depends on the doctor. I know that both Dr. Newman and Dr. Jay Gordon don't recommend nystatin (it's got sugar in it, which feeds the yeast). Does your son have white patches at all?...
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    Re: Nipple Sensitivity. What's normal?

    What you describe sounds a lot like my experience with thrush. Especially the part about the pain when topless vs. when wearing a bra. I had some good success with diluted grapefruit seed extract...
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    Re: Playing with nipples

    My 20-month old is always trying to play with the other side. Drives me nuts, especially at night. I've been telling her for months to stop every time -I think it's just a toddler 'let's see what I...
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    Re: Time of day?

    I've never heard of any such rule - I can't imagine how complicated that would make life! The only thing I've heard that is remotely close to that is that they try to match the nursling's age for...
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    Re: One year and counting :)

    Happy birthday Ethan! It seems like just yesterday I was lurking on the pregnant mamas thread ;) How time flies!
  18. Re: Sleep Nursing and nursing for a long time

    I had a quick read through of your other thread, and I would say that if you're still concerned about supply, go ahead and let him nurse for as long as you're able/willing to sit with him. All that...
  19. Re: WE DID IT! 1 year of exclusive breast milk

    I have no advice on pump weaning, but just wanted to say congrats on nursing TWINS for a full year! What an achievement! :D
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    Re: Journey till now...

    I agree with mommal - you've done an amazing job! And for myself, around 4.5-5 months was when I finally started to really enjoy breastfeeding too - so hopefully the enjoyable part is in sight for...
  21. Re: 12 month old refusing expressed milk-please help!

    It's not uncommon for toddlers to start refusing breastmilk from a cup or bottle at this age. I think my own DD was around 13 or 14 months when she wouldn't drink it anymore. There's no reason you...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    You're in the right place for support - many of us are actively nursing toddlers! For anyone that tells you she's too old, you can always let them know that you're backed up by several well-respected...
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    Re: Working 3rd Shift

    First off, I want to reassure you that it's perfectly normal for your 5-month old to still be waking up at night, and you cannot spoil a baby by 'holding her too much' or by responding to her needs...
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    Re: Ready to give up

    Well, reliable information on the internet is often more up-to-date than professionals that were trained decades ago with antiquated thinking and who perhaps haven't kept up with things as well as...
  25. Re: Lip Tie/Fast Letdown? Please help me sort this out!

    I'm also really voting for thrush here. In the beginning with my DD, it was a toss up between thrush and lip/tongue ties. I had been told by a couple different doctors that it wasn't thrush, so I...
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