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    Re: Night out?

    I agree with pumping in the car to and or from! I do this whenever we have date nights so I don't have to fiddle with it when we get home.
  2. How much breastmilk per bottle feeding?

    My son is 5 months and 16lbs. He gets a bottle of breastmilk two or three times a week. I leave a 6-7 oz bottle, assuming there will be an ounce left just in case I'm late getting home and he needs...
  3. Re: Nipple soreness during cluster feeding

    I believe I have a bleb! Small, painful white spot on left nipple. Working through the tips in womanly art of breast feeding! I'm surprisingly relieved to discover this!
  4. Re: Nipple soreness during cluster feeding

    I do think there is an underlying latch issue. I mainly feel the need to use the shield on the left side. I'm using a nursing pillow while seated upright with a bolster under the nursing side for...
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    Re: Pumping…but nothing is coming out

    I've had a couple of instances where I pump and get very little. Stress, exhaustion or trying to hurry before my 4 week old wakes seem to be the biggest culprit. I was also told to massage the breast...
  6. Nipple soreness during cluster feeding

    I'm experiencing nipple soreness in the evening during cluster feeding. I can get through an hour total on each side before the soreness becomes too much and I turn, I become frustrated. My 4 week...
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    Removing baby from breast?

    My two week old rarely falls off the breast. He will either fall asleep with a strong latch or his sucking will slow dramatically and become weak/painful. Is it okay to break the seal and remove him?...
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    Re: Oversupply in one breast?

    I don't frequently feel engorged or have spraying when he pulls off. Based on what you're saying, oversupply isn't a concern for me right now.

    I've tried to master laid back nursing or biological...
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    Oversupply in one breast?

    Is it possible to have oversupply in one breast? My guy is 9 days old and when he nurses right side, had tends to pull off and cough after a couple minutes. I did a 10 min trial pump on both sides....
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    Re: Overeating or normal reflux?

    I'm happy to hear this is normal and not a need for concern. He is not bothered by spitting up. Of course he wants right back on after a major spit up to refill his tummy. Today I've been feeding...
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    Overeating or normal reflux?

    My son is 9 days old and has been successfully feeding since birth. He gained 12 oz in the 3 days following discharge. His doctor was please with this. Since that first doctor visit, he's been...
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