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  1. Re: If you want to use a lactation aid

    To clarify, I think you meant a size 5? Size 5 (or 2 mm) is what I've seen recommended elsewhere. (FYI: French tube size conversion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_catheter_scale)
  2. Re: Sleep Deprivation - Need Advice - Please Help

    Is your daughter gaining weight appropriately? Is it possible that your supply is low? In the first few weeks, I thought my daughter was "cluster feeding" because she fed for 2-3 hours straight, with...
  3. Re: 3 Weeks Post-Frenectomy and Still Pain with Nursing

    Much sympathy! I am going through a very similar situation (you can check my most recent post). We're revisiting our ENT tomorrow. He did not initially send us home with any exercises, but I will...
  4. Re: Tongue-tie, low supply, and pumping (oh my!)

    Good news! My insurance does cover a hospital grade pump rental. The medical supply company they work with actually sends a SNS with the pump, so I'll be killing two birds with one stone. Naturally,...
  5. Re: Tongue-tie, low supply, and pumping (oh my!)

    Thanks again! After you mentioned compression, I looked it up and that is absolutely what is happening. It makes me wish I had larger nipples - she doesn't chomp my finger or bottle nipples, which...
  6. Re: Tongue-tie, low supply, and pumping (oh my!)

    Thanks for your response, and your optimism!
    -Nursing is fairly painful. I can get a decent latch at first, but she always seems to work her way down the nipple. At the end of a nursing session, my...
  7. Tongue-tie, low supply, and pumping (oh my!)

    Hello! This is my first post, so please forgive me for any etiquette gaffes. I have what feels like a saga, so here goes:

    My daughter, Lucy, is 3 1/2 weeks old and was born just smidge early at...
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