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  1. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    My most memorable nursing moment with my youngest was the day he realized there was more than one breast. He was cuddling in bed one morning when he suddenly sat up, lifted my cami top up and yelled,...
  2. Temas: My intro

    by velcromom

    Re: My intro

    Hi! just wanted to be first to say hello on your intro thread, lol. Sounds like you have every experience in the book under your belt and then some. Hope to see you around the forum!
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    Re: Guess I'll start this here party... :P

    My three year old ds2 is nursing once a day and no end in sight, we have our ups and downs but as a pp back on page one of this thread said about the benefits from A to Z: Zero regrets.:D
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    Re: When and how to finally wean?

    I agree, just keep on following his lead.. we are at one last nursing a day too, and I don't think we need to do anything at all - our dc's will know when they are done. It's been a bit rough for me...
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