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    Re: Should I bother?

    Thanks. I just felt bad that our day-time sessions pretty much got eliminated. I never knew how much I would treasure bf'ing! BUT, it sure does suck to have my whole lunch taken up for a stinkin'...
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    Should I bother?

    Hey Ladies!

    DD is almost 16 months and has always been BF. I pumped quite a bit when she was younger, in anticipation of getting a job...no such luck, so I had quite a large stash that was slowly...
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    Re: Etiquette for pumping at work

    I am doing a temp job for a construction-type office and I was actually surprised that they gave me a spare office to pump in...which has a very large window facing the hallway. So, we put bubble...
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    Re: Stretching out Feedings

    Big hugs to all :hug!

    DD is 14 months old and is HOORAY finally on a quasi-schedule. I stopped nursing to sleep and naps and that did the most good for me. I just started keeping her awake after...
  5. Re: DD uninterested in drinking any fluids except for bm straight from the source

    DD LOVES cups with straws! I had read an article that BF babies can drink easier from straws, so her first cups were the straw kind. Now, I am having to teach her how to drink from a regular sippy...
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    Re: Screaming before eating?

    Ha Ha!
  7. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    About the string cheese:

    I gave her the whole piece of string cheese the first time - that went the best. I have tried pulling off strings and other assorted ways to make the pieces smaller,...
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    Re: Screaming before eating?

    Thanks for the feedback...at least I'm not alone :lol

    I had thought maybe that was the case - how old is yours now? What is she like now?

    I remember the first night in the hospital...the staff...
  9. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    Update ~ We tried Cheerios today - she LOVED them! She did not have any issues at all w/them either (choking wise).

    It was sooo cute, she tried to put them in her mouth but she kept hitting her...
  10. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    DD is 8 mo. old today. We have tried:

    Rice Cereal, Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Pears, Apples, Mangoes, Avocadoes, String Cheese, Bananas, Green Beans, Peas, Zucchini (horrible diarrhea,...
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    Screaming before eating?

    I tried to do a search and did not seem to find exactly what I was looking for, so sorry for the repeat...

    DD is 8 months old, today. This is NOT a new problem and in fact, she has done it from...
  12. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    Just my 2 cents FWIW. I read this recently when someone posted it elsewhere and it seems too much for me. I am going very slow with introducing solids and I am extremely picky about what is...
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    Happy with Doc, finally!

    For those that have listened to me whine previously...here is a happy story finally :D

    I kept seeing doctors that were making me mad because they all said my DD was too skinny because she was in...
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    Re: Starting solids and questions

    Prob too late, but just my chime in... We used to do cereal, but after reading these forums, no more. We just do veggies/fruits once per day and sometimes we don't even do any at all, it just...
  15. Re: Oh Please help, sore nipple with nursing 9 month old

    Yeah, I had it one the "good" side too. I just use an antifungal cream a couple of times a day and we're good to go in a few days. I have never actually SEEN the white patches on me, etc. but...
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    Re: Am I Right?

    I have been dealing with this for awhile also. I even tried to start cereal because I got worried. I laughed at myself when DD used it to blow bubbles instead of eat...it made me realize we are...
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    Re: Length between feedings

    Well, hopefully it stays that way for you! I thought mine would stay that way when it happened at around that age - ha ha. She went back to waking more frequently and did not really space out her...
  18. Re: BF Sessions taking too long?

    My DD is almost 6 months old and can be counted on for at least 45 minutes to an hour session each time. If I try to hurry her, she will protest and pull my breast into her mouth again. When she is...
  19. Re: "Skinny" baby update and gripe

    Thanks everyone. I have always thought that part of the "problem" is that I am not a small person by normal standards (5'8", 2XX) and I am certainly overweight still from pregnancy - and I like to...
  20. Re: "Skinny" baby update and gripe

    She is 25" and 13.3# at 5.5 mo old (born 2/1/09). So according to those charts, she looks to be at 25% for length for age and about 10% for the weight for age chart and the 15 % for the weight for...
  21. "Skinny" baby update and gripe

    Hi all. I had posted at LO's 4 mo. appt. that doc was not happy with her weight, etc. and everyone pointed me to numerous charts, etc. that said she was fine and I was counseled to find a new...
  22. Teething w/gas instead of diarrhea?

    LO is teething as far as I can tell, all the symptoms, except for she only has a bm once/week and so no diarrhea...I don't think LOL, it's always runny when it comes :shrug

    So, what she DOES...
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    Re: When to start

    Any luck with increasing your supply? I pump in the a.m. and then before I go to bed - I eat a packet of oatmeal before I go to bed and it makes a difference for the morning session...I didn't eat...
  24. Re: Daycare has no experience with BF

    Thanks so much for your help. I think I need to order more bottles! I only have a few because whenever we use them I just wash them between feedings and its not a big deal...but I see that I need a...
  25. Daycare has no experience with BF

    One of my questions on my interview spree for daycares was "do you have experience with BF babies?" The lady that I think I like said no.

    How do I get her used to it? I have tried to gently tell...
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