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  1. whey protein shakes and bf my toddler?

    does anyone know if drinking 2 whey protein shakes a day and 1 meal for dinner is ok to do? my dd is 13 months and quickly getting tired of bf, so i was just wondering if drinking these to keep full...
  2. Re: Will I always have to sleep in a nursing bra?

    my dd is 13 months now and i have been sleeping "free" for at least 4 to 5 months now. she sleeps through the night and has since 4 or 5 weeks, so give it a few more months!
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    Re: Dr. Told Me To Switch to Formula?!

    i agree you should get a second opinion! my dd just had her 1 yr check 3 weeks ago and her dr. was fine with her weight gain( birth- 7lbs. 1 oz. @ 1 yr check- 17lbs. 8oz.) she is TINY! but if your...
  4. when the signs are in the knees, she says

    i know that sounds really weird, but i live in the south, and my grandmother has some old wives tale about the farmer's almanac and the signs being in the knees today, and to not "feed" the baby.......
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    we did it!!!!

    hi everyone, nobody i know gets how awesome this is so i will post in here! today is my dd's first birthday!!!! which means we have made it one entire year EBF! i'm so proud of her and myself for...
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    Re: Thinking ahead...

    i am going through the same thing with my family!!! my dd will be a year old on 6/25 and they have been hassling me about weaning for 6 months! and i find now that dd is so close to one
    that i...
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    why can't i pump any milk?

    i just posted earlier because my dd is very stuffy with a cold. and she did not eat
    like normal last night, only a few seconds and she would yank herself away to take a breath. so i went to pump...
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    stuffy nose baby will not nurse!

    my dd has a cold and no matter how much i try she just can't get unstopped! how
    can i help her bf with this stuffy nose?:confused:

    audrey: SAHM to 3! ds born 1/03(bf 10 weeks/ff), dd born...
  9. Re: Grandparents do not understand "nursing on demand" conce

    i totally understand this!!! my grandparents simply do not get why im still bf my 11
    month old dd. they always want to feed her table food every time we go over there. i really hate they are so...
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    Re: Help/advice desperately needed

    where i live, we have a lactation consultant at my county's health department. if you have wic, they are real big on breastfeeding. and if this is your first baby, sore breast/nipples are pretty...
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    Re: birthcontrol and breastfeeding???

    i tried to get my dr. to give me the mini pill because in the instructions it clearly says do not take while breastfeeding. but she gave it to me anyway and she did know i was ebf my dd. so
    when i...
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    birthcontrol and breastfeeding???

    my dd is 9 mo. and i want to start taking birthcontrol again, but i dont know how it
    will affect my supply or her... does anybody take a pill while bf? i just dont want to do anything to disrupt her...
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    Re: Pediatrician wants me to wean....

    wow! he's a big boy! my dd is the almost exact same age(born 6/25/11) and she just had her 9 mo. check as well, she weighed 17.7 and was 27.5 inches long. her dr. said everything looked great... i...
  14. Re: Advice and suggestions please for in

    i know this may be hard, but maybe you could cut out a bottle every few days to a week until you are EBF.... formula really
    does fill them up a lot longer than breastmilk. i know that it is hard to...
  15. Re: breastfeeding in public... suggestio

    i have actually never given my dd a bottle, and she doesn't take one very easily from other people,she is spoiled,lol. i think it will be just fine, i appreciate all the helpful
    advice. its kind of...
  16. Re: breastfeeding in public... suggestio

    thank you! i do go to like family members' houses and church, but i always have a private place to nurse. and she uses the
    nursing cover as a lovey more than anything.lol. i actually have never...
  17. breastfeeding in public... suggestions?

    there is a disney show happening in my hometown on friday. i want to take my 8 month old, but have never BF in pubic before. how do any of you go about it???? the show may be like 2-3 hours so...
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    Re: We have a tooth!!

    my DD is almost 8 mo. and about to sprout her first tooth... I have never BF any of my children this long, so the whole teeth and breast issue kind of scares me.... I just hope she is kind to her...
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    Re: Plugged duct pain

    that happened to me with my third child, and I stood in the very warm shower with a wash cloth over my breast. I also would get a bowl of hot water and a washcloth, and every time I nursed on the...
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