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  1. Re: At what age does a toddler "normally" wean???

    To MollyB and DJ's Mom,
    I don't know how old your dd and ds are, but my ds will be 4 in 2 1/2 weeks and he has a really hard time cuddling or snuggling without nursing. Hugs are just not good...
  2. Re: At what age does a toddler "normally" wean???

    Some days I'm so tired of nursing... It seems like I've been doing it forever, but then when you add "And then eventually he never asked anymore," all I can do is cry! You see, I have a daughter...
  3. At what age does a toddler "normally" wean???

    At what age does a toddler normally wean? I know all children are different... My ds will be 4 years old on 8/02. He bf to sleep at night at 8 or 9, when he wakens in the morning at 6:30, at...
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    Re: The mom buffet

    Oh, my gosh! I remember my lo going through that when he was about 2 yrs. I can remember saying to him, "You are not going to sit there and just go back and forth." From then on, every time he bf...
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    Poll: Re: How often does lo nurse?

    My lo is 43 months (that's a little over 3 1/2 yrs) and it's the same way. If we're home it's frequently, when we're out it's rarely. But, he still bf anywhere from 1 to 6 times in a night... :eek:
  6. Re: Is nighttime breastfeeding at 42 months normal???

    Thanks, guys!!
    I appreciate all of your input, information, sharing and, most of all, your encouraging words. Sometimes we just need a pat on the back and a reminder that what we are doing for...
  7. Re: seeking advice from moms who have nursed past 2

    Hi, Amy.
    Your Gracie sounds like my Little Rivers. He's 3 1/2 now and still nursing. He still pushes Daddy away sometimes for me, but not nearly as often. Up until about 6 months ago he was...
  8. Is nighttime breastfeeding at 42 months normal???

    My son is 3 1/2 yrs and still bfs at night. He bfs upon waking in the morning, he bfs at naptime, and he bfs after books when it's bedtime. He will also want a "quickie" around mid morning and mid...
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    Re: No sleep for 19 months!!!!!

    My son is 39 months and has never taken a nap without waking and has never slept through the night. I thought MY ds was the only one like this! As I read your post I just kept thinking, "Oh, my...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    I've bf my ds, Little Rivers, for 36 months and 8 days and still going strong! :) (I feel certain he will be weaned before entering college!) We've had trying times and wonderful times, but mostly...
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    Re: 3 yr old nursing frequently

    I appreciate all of the input. Most days I'm ok with it all, but sometimes it get frustrating. I just don't want to be doing things that will prolong the natural weaning process. The only times it...
  12. Re: 33 months old - Still Nursing A lot

    My son is 36 months, still nurses a LOT. I figure most of his desire to nurse off and on all day and night (I nurse him to sleep and then put him in his own bed. When he awakes I get him and bring...
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    3 yr old nursing frequently

    I'm new to this forum, though I have been a member of LLL for several years. My son turned 3 last week. :p He still wants to nurse every time I sit down during the day, he still nurses to sleep,...
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