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    Re: Constipated baby

    Chiming in to say it's NORMAL. All of my kiddos switched over to every other day then once a week poops (watch out when it comes, it can be ALOT) at that age.

    Tummy time and keeping your little...
  2. Re: Is it possible to "acclimate" to the pump?

    I agree w/what PP said and would like to add that the white membranes on the inside of the bottle (attached to the yellow part) may need to be switched out (i think it needs to be switched every 60...
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    Re: Milk is almost gone! need help

    Also consider if you might be pregnant..another cause of low supply could be pregnancy! HTH! :hello
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    Re: Milk is almost gone! need help

    Are you solely pumping to provide her milk? Does she breastfeed? Any other meds/health issues (thyroid, diabetes, etc)? Any supplementing (water? formula? solids?)?
    What type of pump are you using?...
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    Re: Middle of the night pumping

    That is GREAT that he takes any side! Nursing him on the right side in a similar position to the left side might work. Latching and feeding well from the breast will often maintain supply better than...
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    Re: milk in tubing and motor

    I experienced milk in the tubes with the medelas I used (lactina & symphony), I thought it might be due to my OALD or leaning forward? I never pin pointed the cause but the milk in the tubes seemed...
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    Re: Evening struggles with sleep

    Sounds like you have a smart little girl on your hands. :thumbsup

    Are you trying to nightwean? Can you nurse her once back to sleep and see how she does after that? Nursing at night can be...
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    Re: Screaming child!!

    My DS the same age as yours (born 7/14) and I feel alot of pressure to nightwean. :huh We bed-share and he always nurses to sleep and wakes (more lately because he has a cold) sometimes to nurse...
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    Re: Middle of the night pumping

    I agree with PP, pumping is alot of work and some babies may suprise you and latch with no problem as they grow older!

    Does he nurse as night? Sometimes babies accept the breast if not completely...
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    Re: Engorgement

    If I were that engorged I would wake up my LO or try and dream feed him while massaging that top part of the breast (work any lumps out).

    Hand expressing with a warm compress or dipping the...
  11. Re: What is the first postpartum period like...?

    I don't have any mini pill experience but I remember AF returning with a BANG during my last post-p (using condoms) versus a light spotting every once in a while with my first post-p (I was on depo)....
  12. Re: Pediatrician told me my baby is too fat...

    I agree w/PP's! How awful for your pediatrician to say that! :hug

    My DS was a "more to love" baby (16 lbs at 2 months) and we were never told to change his feeding habits. Ped said he'll likely...
  13. Re: Tips to prevent thrush while on antibiotics.

    Loading up on some probiotics is a great idea. Avoiding sugarstemporarily might also help (yeasts loves the sugars).

    I was on penicillan for strep a couple months ago and luckily we didn't have...
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    Re: Biting/Gnawing

    Eeep! No fun being a teether!! :yikes

    As PP mentioned, having a teether nearby is a good idea + being ready to break the latch is important too.

    Being consistent is key. Baby will learn...
  15. Re: Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

    It sounds like an in person appointment with a lactation consultant would be best! Find an IBCLC here: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/bfhelp-find/

    As PP mentioned, ALOT of skin to skin contact...
  16. Re: Baby #2 is A WALK IN THE PARK!! :)

    :thumbsup How awesome, thanks for sharing!!

    My 2nd nursling was easier too (she block fed, didn't fight sleep, etc). Having that first experience and heading into a second really makes a...
  17. Re: Trouble nursing 3rd baby after first two EBF (with LMS)?

    Oh my mama what ALOT you've both gone through!! :hug

    One thing I'm going to suggest might sound strange but it might actually help in the long run if you put the scale away. ;) Or at least hide...
  18. Re: How do I nurse a newborn while caring for a toddler?

    Will there be anyone available (family, friends?) to help in the first couple of weeks while you adjust? Have you considered a post-partum doula? Will DH have any maternity leave?

    A few things you...
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    Re: First birthday!

    Happy Birthday :hb (Happy birthing day to you mama!!), so glad that you found the help that you needed!! :thumbsup
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    Re: We've made it!!!!!!

    That is a whole LOT of cute packed into a tiny avatar!! :)

    Congrats on making it to 3-12 months ("and maany moooore!!"). :cheer :thumbsup
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    Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    Go with your gut mama. Based on what you mentioned above, it doesn't sound like you're comfortable with the plan to let her CIO. Babies that age can often wake and want to eat (a baby monitor in the...
  22. Re: is 5 weeks too late to learn how to breastfeed again?

    Oh my goodness you both have been through the ringer these past 5 weeks! :hug
    To answer your question, is it too late? Absolutely not!! Continue trying to teach your baby to breastfeed and I really...
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    Re: Dropping the shield?

    Sorry that you're having to deal with this!! Have you tried beginning the feed with the shield, breaking suction after a few minutes/pulling off the shield and quickly relatching without it? Making...
  24. Re: 1 week old wont latch anymore after a great start

    :hug Oh mama you've hit some bumps in the road but don't give up hope, you're both still very new and learning to breastfeed.

    Here are some tips for bringing baby back around:...
  25. Re: Baby won't nurse, just opens mouth wide and screams

    How long is she refusing to nurse for? Is this just an incident that occurs during a specific time-period during the day? How is her output?

    If agree with PP, follow your instincts and if you feel...
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