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  1. Re: What is my baby doing? Latching/ unlatching/ sucking th

    My 8wo started doing the same thing at about 6weeks. He also 'head butts' my boob.. all in an attempt to get more milk. I find breast compressions help a bit, but other than that, no suggestions :-(
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    Green Poos...

    My 8wo has always had green poos. I've had my latch checked by breastfeeding counsellors & two LLLLeaders. Weight gain is good. I have an overabudance of milk...

    I've also tried block nursing...
  3. Block Feeding - How long to see results?

    My 5 week old has nearly always had green poo. His weight gain has been fantastic, so wasn't too concerned. However, about 2 weeks ago, he started having 'gas' issues, especially at night. My LLL...
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