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  1. Re: Breastfeeding causing "overweight" toddler?

    She's 33 1/2 inches so she's grown 3 inches since her last visit (3 months ago). She's in the 75th percentile for height.

    No, the dr didn't suggest more physical activity which I thought was...
  2. Breastfeeding causing "overweight" toddler?

    Hello ladies!

    Haven't been on here in a while, but you all have offered such great advice in the past, I had to post on what happened today at my LO's check-up.

    My 19 month old weighs 33 lbs...
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    A little late but....

    we made it one whole year!!!! ella turned 1 year on 10/11!! Thank you to all those mamas who have helped me and supported me over the past year. I couldn't have done it without you!! :love
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    Re: borrowing trouble?!?!!?

    :ita with PP's I also wanted to suggest that you and your DH should do something together as a couple during that time however. He is obviously wanting to spend some time with you alone. I also...
  5. Re: Low supply from working out of town.

    The best way to increase supply is milk removal from your breasts. Can you add in some pumping sessions at work? Your milk supply is working on supply and demand. If you don't demand it, your body...
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    Re: Sick 11 month old

    Strep throat?? Gosh I hope she doesn't have that! I have a medela hand pump I got in the hospital. It just doesn't seem to get much out. She nursed overnight which is good. But she only had the fever...
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    Sick 11 month old

    Hello! So my LO is 11 months old, (and is acting more like a toddler everyday) so I was hoping it would be okay to post here instead of the infant forum.

    My DD came down with a fever 2 nights ago....
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    Re: Do SAHM's pump?

    I am a SAHM of a 10 month old. I worked until she was about 7 months old so I pumped the entire time I was working (yuck!) but haven't had a need to pump at all since I've been home. I had some milk...
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    Re: Yogurt as beginner food?

    That's what i read...the cultures in yogurt and cheese make those foods pretty safe for most babies under one.
  10. Re: You know you're no longer nursing a newborn when...

    Mine literally sounds like a monster when nursing. It makes for very interesting NIP :-)
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    Re: Yogurt as beginner food?

    Yep my LO loves yogurt too! That's awesome that you make your own. Would you mind sharing the recipe?
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    Re: When did you introduce water?

    My DD is the same way! Can't stand the sippy but always wants to drink water from my cup!! So funny to see a 9 month old mooching my water :-)
  13. Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    I have a 9 month old who is crawling but the few weeks leading up to it were quite frustrating. She stopped sleeping (well would only sleep in 2 hour increments at night) wouldn't let me nurse her to...
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    Re: Peach thickener?

    Or bananas? I used to do purees for my LO until recently (she can self-feed yay!!) and bananas are really great at thickening any really watery fruit like peaches :-)

    ETA: oh and I would just cut...
  15. Re: 10 month old wakes up to nurse every hour at night

    :ita with PP. My LO is almost 9 months and just went thru a period of nursing every single hour overnight. We co-sleep but I would still wake up to her squirming or me needing to change positions, or...
  16. Re: doesnt want to be held, doesnt want to be put down

    I seem to remember my DD acting like that around the same age. It seemed like she was frustrated because she was really trying to sit up and couldn't do it on her own yet. I tried many of the same...
  17. Re: 10 month old wakes up to nurse every hour at night

    Do you co-sleep?
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    Re: breastfeeding while sick

    Hello!! So sorry to hear you're sick :-( I'm :nak but just wanted to tell you that BM is the best thing for your LO. She gets all your antibodies thru it. She most likely won't get sick or will get a...
  19. Re: Dr telling me no milk or eggs in my diet!!! 7 weeks of BS

    I agree! Airing the bum will probably help immensely! When my DD was in disposables she would get a rash every week! And giving her butt some air time always helped clear them up :-)

    Another thing...
  20. Re: Need A Breast Feeding Game Plan

    What your LO's wet and poopy diaper count? And how do you know you produce 1.5 ozs? If it is from pumping don't rely on that number. The pump doesn't remove milk as efficiently as your baby.
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    Re: How long should she be eating?

    It could be comfort sucking when she nurses for so long. My DD would nurse for 40 minutes each session. She would fall asleep for an hour, wake up and repeat :-) I felt like i had a baby permanently...
  22. Re: Could Use Some Feedback--Overwhelmed!

    :ita this is what i had to do too :-) I was so worried in the beginning and I finally thought that the baby has to be getting something if it's coming out the other end. And as long as what was...
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    Re: Sleeping too much??

    I :ita with PP! Enjoy the sleep now :-) mine slept thru the night at 3 months and then never did that again!

    Oh! And that's awesome you're tandem BF! I hope I can be that cool someday :-)
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    Re: I'm feeling low

    I :ita with PP's. I have also lost friends after becoming a mom. In my case, most of my friends were not married yet or didn't have any kids so they just didn't understand what it takes to be a...
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    Re: 7 month old fussy at breast

    Thanks ladies for all the suggestions!'I haven't tried Tylenol but I will the next time she is acting all crazy baby like that :-)

    And I am looking forward to the even sweeter nursing times ahead!
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