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    Re: I HAAATE pumping

    I don't know if it will help, but I know several people who don't pump during the day (they also have older infants- yours is almost a year right?) and are still able to nurse on demand on weekends...
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    Re: Help Me Stop Dd From Weaning!

    I have no advice, but my 8.5mo is doing this as well. All of a sudden, he nurses only 3 times per day (and 2 x at night). However, he does seem to eat more at these times (wake up, second nap time...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding and the "I hate Cow's Milk..."

    I couldn't help chiming in. This will be controversial, but cow's milk (especially pasterized and processed) really isn't a health food anyway. The calcium is not very absorbable and more and more...
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    Re: What's your pumping output?

    I am fortunate in this regard. I pump 2x (every 4 hours) and get at least 8-10 oz each time. My son is 8 months and refuses the bottle at daycare, so only drinks a little from the cup (and nurses...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep

    Wow I could have written the same post. I admit I was anti pacifier,but as my 8 month old get older and only goes to sleep by nursing (drives the daycare nuts :-)) I may begin trying the pacifier...
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    Re: Nursing Strike V. Distracted Baby

    A nursing strike is usually a complete refusal to nuse. Sounds like you have a distractable baby.

    I am having a similar problem with my 8 month old. But he has found a way to play all...
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    Re: Tips for returning to work please

    I think everyone cries the first day back :-)

    It always helped me to think that in most societies, groups of people raise the children while many of the women are in fields working (usually the...
  8. Re: Drinking less milk at daycare since solids

    Thanks for the idea. I will ask about the timing (milk first, solids second). At home we always nurse first, then feed and he drinks and eats well.
  9. Drinking less milk at daycare since solids

    We introduced solids at just past 6 mos (2 weeks ago) and now find that instead of drinking 15-22 oz at daycare he drinks only 11-13 oz. He is eating only a small amount several times a day. The...
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    Re: Benefits of breastfeeding???

    I needed good reasons to continue breastfeeding (I work full time + and have to pump a lot which is nuisance) so I did a lot of motivational research. I can definitely relate to not feeling support....
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Work Trips

    I recently went on my first trip away from our DS. We had bought a ticket and planned to bring him, but after another attempt that failed (he was miserable for 3 days and cried constantly) we...
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    Re: Pacifier at daycare

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I am just going to let it go. I am even going to let DH use one for sleep purposes over the weekend. I am surprised at how little my daycare knows about...
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    Pacifier at daycare

    My daycare provider informed me that they began offering my son (almost 6 mos) a pacifier to get him to nap during the day. At home, he usually falls asleep at the breast during the day. He is able...
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    Re: Away from bb

    I can completely relate!

    I am travelling as well soon (I have a 5.5 mo ds). Here are my plans: I called the hotel to make sure they put a fridge in my room and have developed a pumping scheduled...
  15. Re: My baby is breastfed and is above 99 percintile in her weight!

    it's not a problem that she is doing so well!!

    Our son is 95% for height and off the chart for weight. At 4 months he was 19.5 pounds! He is the healthiest child at his daycare and the only one...
  16. Re: La Leche League introduces a new book...

    The book is wonderful! I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to work and breastfeed, or even as a general source of information and support to nursing mothers. I plan to read it again and as...
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    Re: Gaining weight but still hungry!

    I had the same issue with my DS. He never seemed to get enough in the evenings and many times seemed upset. He was gaining very well (14lbs at 2mos). Eventually my supply caught up. Since he...
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    Hirkani's Daughters while pumping

    I was beginning to have reduced milk production when pumping at work. My ds is now almost 5 months and a very demanding nurser (he was 19.5 lbs at 4months). He also takes most of his food at night...
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    Re: really discouraged!

    Hello, one thing to watch out for. When I went back to work (started 1 day a week at 2 weeks, then full time at 7 weeks) my son wouldn't accept a bottle (from DH who stayed home for 8 weeks). I was...
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