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  1. Re: Day Weaned, now Nursing ALL THE TIME!!

    Doctor's appt today- I have to go see a Specialist- Endocrinologist- which buys me more time, anyway! 17 months today! Woohoo!
  2. Re: Day Weaned, now Nursing ALL THE TIME!!

    Thanks for the reply, auderey. For now, we are continuing to nurse on demand- we'll see what happens after my doctor's appt. She already told me I should wean, but I just don't think he is...
  3. Re: Day Weaned, now Nursing ALL THE TIME!!

    Thanks for the replies. The biggest challenge right now is that for health reasons, I really NEED to wean. I am going to have to take some medication that I cannot take a nurse, and I need to take...
  4. Day Weaned, now Nursing ALL THE TIME!!

    When my little one was 14 months old, we had to take a trip for a funeral and ended up basically weaning during the day so that when we got back, he only nursed once in the morning, once in the...
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    Re: "Success" Stories?

    There is a Federal law now mandating pumping breaks- I called the Labor board and they told me all about it and how ti make it work for my job. It actually allows for longer breaks if you need it. ...
  6. Re: Not taking in liquids after removal of bottle!

    He does sleep through the night for the most part- most of the time he does wake up to nurse once about two hours before morning, then again when he wakes up. I talked with the sitter a couple of...
  7. Re: Not taking in liquids after removal of bottle!

    He nurses once in the morning. On my short days he nurses a couple times when I get home, on long days, he is asleep when I get home, so he just nurses once and takes one bottle. He does eat plenty...
  8. Not taking in liquids after removal of bottle!

    Hello all,
    My little munchie man just turned one and we are still nursing. He eats solids extremely well, and is nursing slightly less often. In the last two weeks I have stopped sending a...
  9. Some Random Almost One-Year Thoughts

    Well, I am almost to the one-year mark (June 1st) and I am so happy, but also sad! I am so ready to be done with pumping, and have already stopped pumping at night, but really enjoy the time with my...
  10. Re: To Pump Wean or Not to Pump Wean? When were you ready?

    I, too, have been wondering about this. My little man is going to be one in two weeks and I work 12 hour shifts two days a week. I would REALLY love to go down to one pumping session per shift. He...
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    Re: Any other RN's out there?

    I am a nurse and went back to work in an Emergency Room and also floated to PACU. I could only pump twice in a 12-hour shift, so I was usually coming home with less than he was eating, but here is...
  12. Re: will you share your sleep success st

    My little one hasn't nursed to sleep for a while. He is nine months old and still nurses to nap, but not to bedtime. He always wanted to be fed around 6-6:30 so at bedtime (around 7pm), I started a...
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    Re: Nine month slump?

    Thanks for the reply and the link! I pump once in the evening after he goes to bed to get the other 2-3 ounces and I have a stash built up for the random days when I do not get enough. ...
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    Re: Pumping at Work - experience

    I have a hard time some days because I have to use my breaks to pump and miss out on eating with two hands, visiting with co-workers, calling my husband, etc., but my experience has been nothing like...
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    Nine month slump?

    I have heard from many that there is often a decrease in supply that can occur at 8 or 9 months. I am wondering if we are experiencing this and not sure how to fix it. I still get the same amount...
  16. Re: What's safe for a teething 3.5mth ol

    We never tried it, but my doctor said to rub some benadryl on their gums- said it works similar to the orajel, but is safe for wee little ones, and works better without numbing the back of the...
  17. Re: funny things your LO does while nurs

    Haha! I loved reading these! My little guy also like to have his face covered. In fact, for weeks the only way we could get him to nap was to cover his head with a blanket. Lately, he has been...
  18. Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    I kept waiting and waiting for my little guy to eat farther apart. He goes 3 hours most days when I am at work, but at home he nurses sometimes an hour apart, sometimes two, rarely three. I just...
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    Re: Concerned and overwhelmed

    It seems like you are doing well to get 12 ounces. I also work ten to twelve hour days and I am lucky to come home with 10 ounces. I have to pump EVERY night after he goes to bed just to maintain...
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    Re: Sleeping All Night

    Thanks! I will see how tomorrow goes at work. Last night was frustrating. I tried to pump at my usual time 3 hours after he goes to bed and got maybe half an ounce, then woke up at 2am and only...
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    Re: Sleeping All Night

    Thanks for the reply. I work two days per week, 10-12 hour shifts. He is eating about 14 ounces and I used to always get at least 10 oz, now I am getting less and less, today only got 6 oz and he...
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    Sleeping All Night

    My son is now 8 months old and was waking up every two hours to eat. After total exhaustion, we started sending my husband in to him and getting him back to sleep. He is now sleeping almost all...
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    Re: Night wean 8 month old

    We just did the same thing after our son was waking 4-5 times a night to nurse. My husband went in every time the first night and he settled back to sleep within 15 minutes. Last night he went back...
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    Seriously Fussy, gassy babe

    Hello ladies,
    This post may be long and have some graphic poo material, sorry, but really need to get my thoughts out there.
    Our son is now almost 8 months old. He was 'colicky' since the...
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    More about sleep- not enough milk?

    Okay, hopefully you are not tired of hearing from me about this crazy sleep problem, but I am just really not sure what to do. I am falling apart- getting depressed, don't get out of my PJ's, can't...
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