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    Re: Help, my baby is sick!

    I really feel for you! My son was sick with a cold a few weeks ago and it was miserable. I found that suctioning the nose worked okay but wouldn't get rid of the difficulty to breathe. What helped...
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    sick baby having trouble nursing

    My son is 8 weeks and has a cold with some pretty intense congestion. He is having a very hard time nursing even after suctioning his nose repeatedly. It seems like he is not getting the usual amount...
  3. pumping to build up a storage supply

    I am wanting to start pumping to build up some reserves. How do I go about this? My son is 7 weeks and gaining great- how do I ensure that he still gets what he needs? I guess I am wondering when to...
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    Re: Poor latch at 6 weeks

    I have been reading about over active letdown and oversupply and wondering if those were problems I was having, but I'm not sure. When my son begins nursing, before there is even a letdown, he is...
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    Poor latch at 6 weeks

    My son has recently been latching on very poorly, there is a clicking noise when he nurses, and easily slips off the breast. After a few minutes of nursing, during which he seems to be getting a good...
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