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  1. Re: Baby led weaning and poop problems!

    I never knew carrots and apples could be constipating! Thanks for the info. I'll give him some pear slices today and hopefully things will be easier for him. Ds loves drinking water out of a cup -...
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    Re: Starting BLS

    You'll know when your baby wants to eat solids. My ds is grabbing and stealing food wherever he can get it. Before you know it - you lo will be at that stage. At the public health clinic where I...
  3. Baby led weaning and poop problems!

    My ds is totally into solid foods. One day he just started grabbing food out of our plates, hands and will try to get it out of our mouths! He is 8 months now so I figure he is okay to have solids. ...
  4. Chemicals in BM when getting hair done?

    I really want to get my hair straightened. Its a mess and I do not have time to blowdry and then run my hair through a straightener. I want to get it straightened but my older dd is thoughtfully...
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    Re: delays in finger feeding

    At my parent infant group a public health nurse came in to give a talk about weaning and some moms ended up asking questions about solids instead. The public health nurse said to make sure that you...
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    Re: Should I delay solids?

    Thanks for the info. I think I'll wait for those signs of readiness. The only reason why I was going to start was that he is so adamant to eat his sister's food!! You should see him watch her when...
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    Re: marmite

    I grew up on marmite and vegemite. Now I have yeast allergies! Mind you I ate marmite and vegemite on toast for breakfast everyday and everytime I wanted a snack!
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    Re: Is my 9 mo. old on track?

    Sounds like all your lo sleep through the night except for maybe 1 feed! I can't wait till my lo gets there. He is a little over 6 months and he nurses like every two hours or less! I'm so tired...
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    Should I delay solids?

    My lo is a little over 6 months. He never had any solids except when he grabs it from my daughter! My daughter loves to hold him and as soon as she gets home from school she likes to hold him and...
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    Re: so stressed need help

    Hello Momma. First of all, :hug I know exactly how you feel. My ds was jaundiced as well but not enough to warrant being under the lights. I kept a log of all his nursings, pees, and poos and my...
  11. Re: breastfeeding to pacify and for closeness

    My ds is 13 weeks old. I just figured out that my ds likes being wrapped like a spring roll and that comforts him. When he starts getting a little cranky I roll him up and place him in his crib and...
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    Re: Last stand against thrush. Advice?

    When I had thrush with my dd (which as 14 years ago!) my doctor had me rinsing my nipples with hydrogen perioxide after every nursing.
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    Re: Pain without the lump?

    I had that last month and it turned out that I had mastitis. I didn't have any lumps to show that I had blocked ducts. My doctor put my on antibiotics and it cleared up pretty quick. Keep putting...
  14. Re: 24 stomach bug - need encouragement!

    Last month I had the stomuch flu and mastitis at the same time! I wasn't able to eat anything! All I did was drink water and sleep. DH would pass ds to me whenever ds was hungry. Just keep...
  15. Re: a Day in the Life of a Seven Week Old...

    When my ds was 7 weeks I was feeling pressured by people around me to put him on a schedule. Now my ds is 13 weeks and I realized I shouldn't have stressed out so much about putting my ds at 7...
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    Re: Chamomile Tea and Breastfeeding

    Thanks for posting about the chamomile tea. I have a 7 wk year old and I have such problems falling asleep between feeds. I will try it tonight!
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    Re: Constant Holding - spoiling?

    When I had my dd 14 yrs ago we lived in an apartment where you could hear the next door neighbour go bathroom! We were under constant pressure by the neighbours to keep our baby quiet. Whenever she...
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    Re: latch woes

    Congratulations on your lo! Hang in there momma! :hug I know exactly what you are going through. When my dd was born 14 yrs ago bf wasn't in and we had to figure it out all by ourselves with a...
  19. Re: Breastfeeding twins - weight gain concerns

    Congratulations on your twins! You are doing a great job momma!

    I have a 7 wk lo and he sleeps best with me and dh. I also have a 14 yr old dd and she also slept with me as a baby. I think most...
  20. Question for mom whose lo already sleep through the night.

    My lo is 7 wks old and last night he went to sleep for a 5 hr stretch. :clap (I am hoping this is not a fluke and will continue to be a habit. :lol) I sleep with my lo and I usually start nursing...
  21. Re: Can lying down nursing cause mastitis?

    Thanks everyone for the tips! The pain has subsided in my breast. Now I only have to deal with the pain in my stomuch when I take those antibiotics. :lol I am supposed to take them on an empty...
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    Re: Need sleep between nursings!

    What do I do while nursing? At night I am leaning against pillows, closing my eyes, and trying to rest. During the day I am on the couch usually listening to relaxing music trying to rest!

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    Need sleep between nursings!

    I think I remember reading somewhere on this forum about a homeopathic remedy that one can take to help sleep between nursings. Does anyone remember it? My problem is that by the time I fall asleep...
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    Re: Red bumps on breast

    Are you changing your breast pads frequently? 14 yrs ago when I nursed my dd I developed itchy red bumps on my breast and my doctor told me that I wasn't changing the breast pads frequent enough. ...
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    Re: catching a cold

    www.kellymom.com has a list of medications and herbs that are safe while breastfeeding.
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