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  1. Re: Baby at 1 year; want to stop pumping at work but not at home

    I stopped pumping about the same time (when DS was a year) and I also did it gradually. However on weekends we nurse a bit more than during the week and it's not a problem (although sometimes on...
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    Re: Napping at daycare?

    I am constantly amazed that DS who nurses to sleep at night and on weekend naps "falls in line" at daycare. There at a certain time they get out the mats and all the kids go lay down on them and...
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    Re: How to pump when...

    I'd try it right after the feeding. Good luck!

    Mom to Alex: 12/08/04 and still happily nursing
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    Re: question about pacifier!

    I have a few different bits of advice but, of course, your mileage may vary. Nothing against pacifiers - my sister uses one with my niece and they're both very happy about it, but...

  5. Re: working fulltime and DD eating a lot at night

    Oh yes. It happens often enough to have an official name - "reverse cycling". Basically you're hypothesis is correct. Your DD has decided that bottles are ok but she'd much rather drink straight...
  6. Re: Is it wrong to let my son fall asleep while feeding?

    If nursing to sleep is wrong then I don't want to be right :)

    Seriously, I've been reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution and she has all sorts of great ideas when you're ready to stop nursing him to...
  7. Re: How do you respond when people say you should be weaning?

    A while ago there was a post on replies to "Are you still nursing?" and one of my favorite replies would also work for the weaning question.

    "Yes she's still nursing; her pediatrician thinks it's...
  8. Re: Oh my gosh she's nursing!!! Sucess Story!!

    That's awesome! I went through something similar with my little guy - he had jaundice and my milk didn't come in super fast (it took 4 days) and the pediatrician strongly suggested formula...
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    Re: Benefits of breastfeeding???

    After the first few weeks, when we had BF'ing down, the main advantage was SLEEP. It was so easy to sleep with him right there and when he woke up to eat I could get him latched on while still half...
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    Re: Do I need to Wean?

    Congratulations on making it this far! It sounds like you and your DD are still enjoying your BF relationship so I don't think you'd have to wean just because of a 3 day trip. You will definitely...
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    Re: Anyone get pressure to wean?

    I love all these comebacks. I'm new on the boards here (literally I registered 15 minutes ago) and I am getting such a kick out of just reading comments from other people nursing older...
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