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  1. Re: Baby seems to eat more from a bottle

    Thanks ladies! We tried a new bottle (First Years) and it worked great. He only took about 3 ounces and seemed totally satisfied. NOt sure if you have heard of these bottles but they are great- they...
  2. Baby seems to eat more from a bottle

    My 7 week old is doing great with breastfeeding- eating every 3 hours during the day and (finally!) starting to stretch his sleep time at night. I've been pumping after my morning feeds to build up...
  3. Change in feeding time- 10 days old

    My son is 10 days old and over the last 3 days I've noticed he is feeding for less time than before. He was eating for ~40-45 minutes a few days ago and taking milk from both sides but now he will...
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