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    Re: Co-Sleeping/Side Car Help Please

    You need to push the mattress up against your mattress as tight as it will go. Then take the foam or whatever you've bought to fill the gap, and put it in the crack between the crib mattress and the...
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    Re: What could be going on?

    Happened to me too...our nursing schedule hasn't changed a bit, and she's still gulping away so I know she's getting some. But I have the hardest time pumping even 1 oz! :shrug So odd.
  3. Re: has anyone tried teething feeders to introduce solids?

    We've used the Sassy one with great success. I basically used it for "real" food (i.e. not jarred, but fresh), when she couldn't quite manage to feed herself. Melon, soft chunks of peach or pear,...
  4. Re: Help!! Need Weaning Tips for 11.5 month old!

    Can I ask what you gals are doing to actually wean? I know you gradually drop feedings, but my LO doesn't even have set times when she nurses. I'm having a hard time figuring out where to start? ...
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    Re: times have changed

    My dad was born in the 1940's and had formula...I believe it was Similac.

    I'm not sure what my mom had, but I know she fed my older sister infant cereal at 3 weeks old! :yikes She also...
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    Re: still nursing a lot at 8 months

    Yep, pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

    My almost 8 month old *can* go 4 hours if we're out and about...but at home she prefers to take sips here and there, as often as she likes. I...
  7. Re: Got my period today, should I be preparing for any changes with BF'ing?

    I had some random mini-cycle back in June and thought "oh boy, it's starting up again". Turns out it was a fluke...I haven't had another one since! I've heard it can cause a temporary supply drop...
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    Re: Short Nipple Issue

    I think if you are armed with information and resources, you will probably be more successful this time around. Besides the fact that this is your second, so you'll probably be a lot more relaxed...
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    Re: How often to feed 4 month old?

    Sounds perfect to me. That's the same schedule my *almost* 6 month old still keeps. :)
  10. Re: 3 feedings a day for a 4 month old is recommended??

    Uh, no. I formula fed my first two and they never would have survived on 3 feedings a day. They were fed on demand, which worked out to every 3 hours or so (so more like 8 bottles a day? give or...
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    Re: Colic?? sorry its long!

    With the screaming and constant feeding, I'm voting for reflux. Breastmilk is a natural antacid, and usually reflux babies only feel better while they are eating. Of course this leads to...
  12. Re: Is everyone lying about sleeping throught the night??

    My 5 month old gets up anywhere from 2 to 5 times a night. We co-sleep with a sidecar crib, and sometimes she wants to nurse all night long. I just sleep right through it. Can't blame her for...
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    Re: Trouble with Nipple Shield

    I used one for 3 months and noticed that if it wasn't perfectly clean, it would have a semi-greasy breastmilk residue on it that made it slip off. Even though I cleaned it after each use (well,...
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    Re: Nipple Shield

    Great post, I totally agree. Sometimes it just takes awhile, but you can do it! We used one for 3 months before my LO could latch on without it (and not just latch on, but latch on *correctly*). ...
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    Re: I prefer to use my nipple shield!

    I weaned my LO off the shield at 3 months, and went thru a week or two of major soreness. I think it's normal...the shield pulls the nipple out in a different way than regular nursing does. Do you...
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    Re: Busy Baby while nursing!!

    :ita They must, because it's my 4 month olds regular feeding routine.
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    Re: Teaching Baby to Take Bottle

    I'm not sure about techniques, but we use the BreastFlow bottles and they are wonderful. We started out with Avent and Playtex, but both had too fast of a flow for my LO. She would choke and...
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    Re: Lanisoh Breast Pump

    I believe it's the Purely Yours, but a different color and with the Lansinoh brand on it. Both are made by Hollister. (purple pump, double, about $150 right?) I love my PY, so if it's the same...
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    Re: nipple shields please help

    Just wanted to chime in with the others, but it will get easier and keep doing whatever you have to do. :hug I used a shield as well...I have seriously flat nipples, and I don't mean "kind of...
  20. Re: Baby spits up breast milk but not formula

    Formula is so thick in comparison, that's probably why. I would stick with breastmilk! :p

    I also have a 3.5 month old (born Jan 17th) with reflux on zantac! She was having projectile spit...
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