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  1. Re: Teeth making things difficult -ouch!

    Thanks! The biting has been getting better and better and the last three times she's nursed without biting at all :)
  2. Re: Teeth making things difficult -ouch!

    Just wanted to update incase someone reads this having the same issue, that I got a link with info in my Introductions thread that really helped :)
    It said that if you hold your breast with the...
  3. Re: Teeth making things difficult -ouch!

    Thanks for the reply!

    I think I'm getting blocked ducts on the right side now too :( There are small, hard and tender lumps on the outside of the breast. Her latch must be bad cos of the teeth eh?...
  4. Teeth making things difficult -ouch! *and now blocked ducts too* Help!


    I'm new to the forums and wonder if anyone can help with some advice. My 13mo DD2 has just got her first teeth and the very first one, at the top, has been rubbing against my skin and caused...
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