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  1. Re: How can I leave my breastfed baby for 24 hours??

    I could try and plan to drop him off later and come home earlier. Maybe I could drop him off around 6pm and pick him up around 10am the next day, do you think that would be better? My parents live...
  2. How can I leave my breastfed baby for 24 hours??

    I have planned an overnight trip with my husband for this weekend. We really need a chance to get away and reconnect. It will be the first time we leave our 7 week old son for any amount of time. He...
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    Re: where can i get fenugreek?

    I also got mine at whole foods, be ready to smell like pan cakes all the time. Even my pee smells like syrup, but its worth it b/c I have noticed an increase in my milk :gvibes
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    6 week old feeding enough??

    My six week old son used to feed for 20-30 minutes each feeding session (about 10 sessions a day) and now he feeds less than 10 minutes per session. He is still feeding 8-10 times a day but I am...
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