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  1. Re: 10 month old nursing less frequently

    I have to lie next to dd while she naps/nurses too!
  2. Re: 10 month old nursing less frequently

    Thanks everyone, that's good to know! I'll just keep offering!
  3. 10 month old nursing less frequently

    I've done some googling and searching of the lll forums for this topic, but thought I'd post here anyway with our specifics. Dd is 10 months old and is starting to nurse much less frequently. She's...
  4. Period is back, LO is almost 10 months and breastfeeding

    I guess I'm kind of surprised my period is back. I didn't miss it! DD does eat some solids (we delayed until she really wanted food and was grabbing for it at 8 months) but mostly she is primarily...
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    Re: Brestfeeding in public(long)

    Pay no attention to negative comments from others. People who say things like that are ignorant and would best be helped by a kind word in return, such as all the benefits of nursing. Remember, you...
  6. Re: Sleeping Baby (Or lack there of) help!

    I recommend co-sleeping. I seem to remember that when DD was a much younger infant (0-3 or 4 months) I used to be able to nurse her down on the bed for naps and then sneak away for a short while if...
  7. Re: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    Have you thought about trying co-sleeping/bedsharing? We do (dd is 7 months) and I cannot imagine doing it any other way. For one, I have always gotten plenty, plenty sleep. I don't know how often...
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