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  1. Re: changes in nursing resulting in frustrations!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem! I've never experienced anything like what you and your family are going through. I hope someone has some suggestions to help you.
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    Safe vitamins?

    I'm wanting to take evening primrose oil but not sure if its safe to take during breastfeeding. My 10 1/2 month old eats mostly at nite as she does well with solids and takes a bottle well. Does...
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    Re: Taking a baby to a concert?

    Hi. I would definately consider taking the baby with you, depending on where your seats are. How close will you be to the speakers, etc. My daughter was 6 weeks early and we had her home in 2 1/2...
  4. Tired of struggling; not ready to give up

    My 9 month old and I have been struggling with milk supply since the end of October. After having a dose of anitbiotics (which I was told not to breastfeed with) and a trip to visit my husbands...
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    Re: Staying latched

    Hi Momma1! Thanks for the support. Thought about talking with you sometime. You can send an email my way if you choose. egerlock@hotmail.com
    Thanks. Crista
    ps questions about breastfeeding isn't...
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    Re: 2nd month check-up. HELP!! (long)

    I'm so sorry to hear your appointment was so horrible. As for the weight gain, my guess is due to change of scales! I've found that with my daughter. As for the bowel movements when Braelie reached...
  7. Re: Lost milk supply, trying to increase (new thread)

    Check out some of my other reply's. A leader from Alberta gave me suggestions and I have found a huge difference.
  8. Re: Pediatrician said nursing after 18 months is not good nutrition

    Wow! Talk about a professional whose unsupportive. I'm sorry to hear that. I would check out Jack Newmans Breastfeeding site. He talks about lots of issues including unsupportive professionals. I'm...
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    Re: scared of losing milk...

    Just a thought, are you able to pump immediately after her nursing?
    When I had to pump because of my daughter being in the NICU the LC suggesting I pump every 3hrs even if she doesn't nurse. It was...
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    Re: Urgent Help please!

    Hi my 9mo old and I have been struggling with supply for awhile (since end of October) and she does the samething, but at every feeding. Once my milk lets down she takes the milk that is readily...
  11. Re: bb playing with breast while nursing - bad habit?

    Hi. My 9mo old sometimes does the same thing. I don't usually worry, aslong as I know that she remains happy and appears to be getting enough from the feeding. However, I am also struggling with...
  12. Temas: New here

    by Crista

    Re: New here

    Hi. I'm Crista. I've also struggled with supply issues. I just informed another mom of the recommedations an Alberta leader gave me:
    3 caps of blessed thistle 3x day
    3 caps of fenugreek 3x day
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    Re: Pulling away from breast

    Hi. My 9 month old has been doing that as well. I have been struggling to get my milk supply back to her demand. I talked with a Leader here in Alberta who gave the following suggestions:
    3 cap...
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    Staying latched

    Hi. I'm a first time mom who only wants to breastfeed. My daughter is now 9 months old. For 5 months I've been struggling to increase my breastmilk. After talking to a local leader and getting alot...
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