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  1. Re: Pedi pushing solids at 2 months?

    Oh my.
    This is one of those situations where I would politely ask the doctor for the research evidence to back up his statement, especially since the AAP does recommend exclusive breastfeeding for...
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    Re: bottle labeling & daycare

    I found that freezer tape and a black Sharpie marker worked great. The freezer tape will stay on through many trips through the dishwasher, but can be removed when needed. The marker will fade some...
  3. Re: Only sleeping attached to boob/me

    Babies sure force mamas to get creative! :lol

    Carrying your lo in a sling while you do chores is a good idea. I went through a phase with my son where he wanted to be *on* me to sleep, but I had...
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    Re: I feel like giving up

    You have a lot on your plate, mama!

    How much milk does your daughter take per (bottle) feeding? I ask because I often get calls from working moms who say their babies are guzzling 5...
  5. Re: Pediatrician doesn't support nursing a toddler

    Do you know what part of Atlanta you're moving to? There is an IBCLC pediatrician on the north side. There are quite a few LLL groups in greater Atlanta, too, so you can check in with the local...
  6. Re: I can't seem to keep my supply up!

    If you are nursing every two hours, that should help boost your supply. It takes about 2 or 3 days for your milk supply to adjust to any change in your routine. Pumping in between nursings can also...
  7. Re: HELP milk disappearing!!Mother twins

    I'm confused-- what do you mean by "they are both at 8 oz"? Do you mean that they take 8 oz at a time (each) by bottle? That is an enormous amount. Most babies take 3-4 oz per feeding. ...
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    Re: Pushy MIL

    Just here to :ita:ita with previous posters....and add a bit to an idea that someone touched on. (Oh, and I *love* the blank look, blink, blink idea!)

    I think that many women of our mother's...
  9. Re: International travel with 9 month old baby

    A slight twist on the shirt and tank top idea...get some inexpensive long tank tops and just cut vertical slits in them where your breasts are. Wear another shirt over top. Pull up the overshirt to...
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    Re: Can I eat anything while BF?

    Congrats on your new baby!
    Generally there is no need to avoid specific foods when you are nursing. You can even drink alcohol, but keep it very moderate. Alcohol clears your milk at the same...
  11. Re: Milk has all gone but dd (4) still wants to breastfeed

    I had a similar comment from my ds. He very gradually cut down on nursing, finally going days and weeks between asking. Then he told me that there was no milk. He was sad about it. I explained...
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    Re: 9 month old need to wean

    I know this is a very difficult situation for you and you have gotten some wonderful information on this board. There is one thing that I didn't see addressed and I wanted to bring it up for you to...
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    Re: Wean for birth control?

    Be aware that in *some* women, the Mirena IUD can cause a significant drop in milk supply-- by about half, according the the moms I've known who have experienced it. I'm thinking that if you are...
  14. Re: Pediatrician is making me doubt...

    I'd call the dr out on this one, and ask her to back up her statements with published studies that *prove* that your milk has no nutritional value past one year. Also, I'd want to ask why, at age...
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    Re: How Long Can We Go Like This?

    You can go on quite a while with just one or two nursings a day. If you do nothing to encourage weaning, your child will probably start skipping a nursing here and there, and it will be very...
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    Re: Where We're At

    Congrats for nursing this long! You've gotten some good info from pp's. Here are a couple of other things that came to mind; see if anything resonates with you. (I am not a doctor, nor do I play...
  17. Re: Confused, how much does a baby take per feeding?

    Here's a little more info on how much milk babies take at a feeding. It varies from child to child, and depends on how much milk your breasts can hold at any one time, how much milk your baby can...
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    Re: Best pump for twins?

    :ita with pp

    I think it's a good idea to know where you can rent a hospital-grade pump, in case you have need of one after your babies are born. Good quality double electric pumps that you can...
  19. Re: Does the time between pumpings really matter?

    I'm glad you are getting ongoing help locally. That's really important.

    Babies don't necessarily "empty" the breast (the breasts are never really empty-- they are always making milk). However,...
  20. Re: Does the time between pumpings really matter?

    Regarding "power pumping"... I honestly don't know that you can say the five "mini-pumpings" during a TV show count as five of your 8-10 pumpings. I would think not. It should help cushion the...
  21. Re: Does the time between pumpings really matter?

    If you are going to maintain your supply, you need to be pumping at least as often as your baby would be nursing. For a newborn, that is about 10-12 times per 24 hours. Pumping 8 times/24 hours is...
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    Re: Help....I'm clueless!

    Congratulations on your new baby! Ask away! There are no stupid questions-- how else are you going to learn about breastfeeding since neither of you saw it modeled?

    You wrote:
    She is a month...
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    Re: 3 weeks to go

    Congratulations on nursing for (almost a) year! You have a lucky daughter.

    It sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed with pumping and night nursing. I found your comment about only three more...
  24. Re: cleaning pump between expressing

    Like pp said, put the parts in the cooler. Or, get some extra flanges. Rinse the used ones, toss in a zip bag, use a fresh set for the next pumping, and wash everything (hot soapy water) when you...
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    Re: Bottle vs breast

    Your friend may be experiencing some (reversable) supply issues. Supply is normally lower in the evening, and that is a normal fussy time for babies. I'm wondering about this baby who sleeps 11...
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