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    Re: Drowning my baby in milk!

    I'm also dealing with oversupply plus overactive letdown. My DS is 7wks old and I started block feeding which seems to be working perfectly. I know it can be frustrating but hang in there!
    You can...
  2. Re: Starting single side nursing my 7 wk

    ok! So it's been almost two weeks since my last post. Here's what's happened. Three days after I started single side feeding, my DS went back to nursing from both sides. It seemed as everything was...
  3. Re: Can anyone reccommend bottles for BF

    With my first child, now 3 yrs old, I tried every single bottle in the market and nothing worked. I figure it was because I tried introducing the bottle when she was 5 months old, and also she was,...
  4. Starting single side nursing my 7 wk old

    I've been feeding my 7 week old little boy on both sides, but during the last few days I've noticed that he has a lot of gas and is very fussy. Today I started single side feeding, and have noticed...
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